. And some Westinghouse ovens are pretty ordinary and not in the same category as Bosch

  • Post a job Overall, these are great ovens. Despite the few issues is entirely recommend them.

    I feel it is something that maybe quite useful, is this something owners actually use? posted 2016-Mar-5, 1:17 pm AEST The F&P had numerous sharp edeges, seemed flimsy and was already dented inside posted 2016-Mar-5, 12:20 am AEST Of course a chef would say that and it’s partially true

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    Looks like a standard size to me. Can't see why it wouldn't fit Miele for a guy ,he bought the cheap one as the other one was too expensive ,and imho it was Miele in name alone ,it had a cheap and nasty feel to it , Thanks for this.

    Slightly better but the dial is still firm. Might loosen up eventually which might help Choice has Miele ovens occupying 3 of their top 5 spots.

  • Discussion forum It doesnt work here like most things Euro including my VW cars Carconnect spartacus1098 writes. Asko is now owned by Gorenje and appear to be re-badged Gorenje ovens.

    This is doing my head so I would appreciate your advice given that you have already done a pyrolytic clean and contacted Bosch Technical Support for an explanation. Thanking you in advance! :) Pretty much all pyro ovens will state remove all the racking for the cleaning When I talk about accurate temp I mean that whatever temp it's set at can go up and down on some ovens by 5 degrees or so either side of the set temp. As for 180 being exactly 180, I'm not sure

    . Org/image/vb5kwhta1/ Another vote for this oven.

    If functionality and gadgetry are important factors then either look at the higher end Miele which is very expensive or purchase a different brand, such as Bosch. But for a basic, high quality oven the Miele stacks up well. Or so I have read and been told.

    Our ovens dial works perfectly smoothly and quite easily with just two fingers on opposite sides and turn. Just went out to kitchen and did it to check. Finger at 3 oclock thumb and 9 oclock and pressing gently turn it O. I tried with my finger/thumb but just "slides" around it without turning the dial

    . Maybe a rubber-ish grip or small bezels would help.

    Yikes! I'll be a bit more careful in future. I might swap to the finger method. Thanks I still think any euro ovens are overpriced in Australia – maybe see what you can get the Bosch for from euappliances.

    Com or even a better option may be to look at IKEA ovens (don’t worry they don’t have a brand on the front) that will do everything the Bosch does for less than half the price and come with a 5 year warranty: I paid $2. 4k from TGG however it was part of a package of Miele washer and drier, Bosch gas cooktop and Panasonic Mwave. The low end Miele was smaller, no slide out trays and devoid of features (including pyro I think) and cost more.

    (edited 2016-Mar-5, 12:32 am AEST) The enamel trays as well as the side rails are pyrolytic safe. Also, any current users of the HBG6753S1A, who have any good/bad experiences they would like to share? I have been told by a few sales staff that Miele accuracy is with in half a degree either way and is more accurate than most other stuff on the market, some are out by more than 5 degrees. Cheers My son who is a Chef laughed when it was suggested He said its not the oven its the cook that makes the difference Was just searching online to see if others have received this error and came across this thread.

    Anyone else here have a similar issue?? The HRG variant Have you taken the plastic film off all of the front. I use finger and thumb like you would turning a tap. Is it possible to remove the side rack supports? If so I think Bosch should send you a replacement and update their instructions accordingly to remove them prior to us.

    Question – the oven I am buying HBG6753S1A does not have the roasting probe – I feel it is something that maybe quite useful, is this something owners actually use? (I can upgrade to the HRG6767S2A with a $500 premium. ) You just put a finger tip on it and spin it around gently. You arent supposed to 'Grip" it.

    Chef , Westinghouse , Electrolux , aeg 2 things happen , the chrome discolours and the grease evaporates out of the runners Both took the trays out when doing the burn in and we have a prev model Ecoclean model and always take the trays and steel supports out to do a clean. I was just wondering what is the correct way to tell if the Bosch oven will fit? I attach a picture of my old oven: Had mine installed HRG6769B2A a week ago. Html I'm going to call Bosch regarding both of these issues – however I might try some enamel cooktop cleaner on the stain on the floor of the oven. I am just starting research now and will be a little while before i buy so let me know if you get anytime soon what you think.

    Yea, I will likely remove the racking to clean the oven. Local time 11:36 AM aest 17 July 2019 Membership 844,249 registered members 11,869 visited in past 24 hrs Big numbers 3,592,846 threads 64,632,682 posts 5,225,741 whims sent 4,778 wiki topics 1,818 modems & routers 80,333 features filled Perfect Roast and Perfect Bake In comparison to Euro ovens that sentence is an Oxymoron

  • Job board The HRG6767S2A has been released but early stock is very limited and it isn't available from all stores. A quick look on product review has heaps of people complaining their glass cracks and the cleaning function is perhaps the reason.

    I have also heard of similar issues with AEG ovens. (edited 2016-Mar-5, 1:21 pm AEST) Does anyone know if the Series 8 Ovens support the Bosch Home connect feature set in AU? I'm talking around this pricepoint ($2.

    2k) On the look out for fridge and a new range hood also. Maybe I am wrong but I was hoping that the Bosch Perfect Roast and Perfect Bake function would compensate for the oscillation in temperature while cooking. It seems from various posts that these works very well? We are looking at Bosch for our next build as it meets the requirements and the pricing is good Albanian State W/M Co.

    Those ovens seem to be good quality and should cook very well. If you can live with out all the gadgets. The most used feature would have to be the temperature probe.

    The German made Bosch's are pretty close to the top of the tree and I wouldnt buy Meile because I dont think they are value for money, good as they may be. For succulent roast chook and potatoes, place the chook on a rack with probe inserted, potatoes under the chook and set the core temperature to 85degC with hot air grilling. We have Bosch appliances in all our houses in the village and two friends have that oven and are very happy with it , primarily for the retractable sliders on the trays as well as its cooking ability The new model is identical to the HRG6767S1A so if you can still find one of these you may be able to get it at a good price.

  • Moderation FAQ The handbook insists the door is dismantled and the glass layers If you call TGG they can tell you the price. The HRG variant is the steam version which is a few hundred $ more expensive but I think it's worth it.

    The menus probably take up more time than setting a standard oven, however the added functionality more than makes up for it. Secondly, I'm not too happy with the pyrolitic cleaning. It has messed up the side rack supports, changed their colour and made them very rough to slide in and out.

    The instructions don't say to remove them, as you can use them to support the enamel baking trays to be cleaned. In addition, it appears to have left an almost water mark on the bottom of the oven after the cleaning cycle

    . The oven wasn't wet at all so I'm not sure how it's developed.

    It has messed up the side rack supports, changed their colour and made them very rough to slide in and out. They are great ovens and ours is a very good oven to cook in and far far better then our prev F& P we had in previous house Agree the probe is fanatastic, as is the fact you can still use the timer while cooking.

    Does anyone have one of the new Bosch ovens? Keen to hear feedback on anyone that has one. Look like a good oven but always like to hear feedback from users. Hi there, I noticed that you have the Bosch HRG6767S1A oven and that you are happy with it except the pyrolytic function – you mentioned you were going to call Bosch due to the discoulouration of the metal and the shelves being difficult to pull out/in – could you please tell me the outcome of your contact with Bosch ? I bought my oven yesterday so I contacted Bosch twice today (spoke to 2 different people) and 1 said that only the wire racks are not pyrolytic safe and the other one said none of the steel/metal (incl.

    Racks, telescopic arms, etc) are safe – both said the Bosch website was wrong, however both couldn't explain how I would then clean the enamel trays (as the manual says you can't leave them on the oven compartment floor) which are clearly stated as being pyrolytic safe!

  • Popular topics The website clearly states everything is pyrolytic safe, however the manual (Page 29) says the wire racks are not safe and to refer to Page 13 for pyrolytic safe accessories and yet clearly shows the wire racks as one of the accessories that is pyrolytic safe. Sure, it will sense when a cake is properly baked (it really works) but to use this feature again the oven has to completely cool down but the instructions insist cooling has to be done without opening the door so it can take a few hours. I guess opening the door allows hot air to flow onto the control fascia.

    Interested to see what you found out about the pyrolytic function.

    In my Bosch pyrolitic oven they instruct to remove all wire racks, accessories and the side tracks before using the cleaning feature. The build quality is way ahead of most others including AEG, Miele, F&P, Asko Kind of disappointed considering we paid around $3000 for the oven.

    Hopefully Bosch can help – I'll update the thread when I hear back

    . On what do you base your opinion on? First time with no side racks supports, oven and front door glass looked new when finished after a wipe down, all the surrounding kitchen cabinets remained cool, do have doors and windows open because of the slight smell. We have the HRG6767S1A which is the top of the line model (the one with added steam).

    Ours was one of the first in the country – we mostly love it. As someone before said, the probe is amazing. The on screen menu has ever meal we have wanted to try, beef, lamb, chicken, fish, and all you do is insert the probe and the oven takes over.

    Some of these programs will ask you to fill the tank with water (this is a little cumbersome as the tank is only a few centimetres thick and very flat. Both are still good though Ok, I just checked some stories, and it seems not always the case? F&P only has the one brand but has various offerings across the model ranges from lowspec builders packs to upper end multifunction ,all depends on what you want and what you are prepared to pay Well that was my initial thoughts.

    However I looked online and there are two types of replacement side tracks – one pyrolytic safe and the other not. The manual implies that only the wire racks aren't safe for pyrolytic cleaning. It says you can lean the enamel trays in there, which I presume would need to be on the tracks.

    You wouldn't put it on the floor of the oven at those temps. EDIT just checked the online specs from Bosch and they say they're pyrolitic proof. I sometimes wonder if I will end up getting everything from Bosch.

    Got a dishwasher (Bosch) recently. The Bosch controls and menus appear easier to use than the Siemens. Yep friends in a different village have Meile appliances and they arent the ones you buy in the shops.

    Nowhere near it The build quality is way ahead of most others including AEG, Miele, F&P, Asko(Gorenje) and it came with roll-out shelves (extra cost on Miele). My wife has mastered the touch screen menu although she still often refers to notes. We currently have a Miele which is prob about 7 years old now , as brilliant as it is , it’s 1down from the top and it’s replacement is $7. Very easy to use but the dial is a pain.

    Valvster I am currently building a kitchen, and I am looking at the Series 8 Bosch ovens, specifically, the HBG6753S1A. Seems to be a good middle of the range oven, with an easy to use interface. I also have other Bosch appliances in the house, which I am very happy with.

    (edited 2019-Jun-19, 12:04 pm AEST) posted 2019-Jun-19, 11:33 am AEST If you dont understand what I mean Finger on at 3 oclock push up towards top Dont pull down Or the 6260 can be purchased for 3799 with moisture plus. Yes use it all the time when roasting meats in the oven They are removable – and worth a few hundred on the Internet. I'll call them this week actually, completely forgot until I saw this thread.

    Siemens was priced well above what we paid so I took out 5yr concierge service from TGGuys as I was concerned at hot air damaging an expensive control fascia. A guy came over to my place to take measurements and said dishwasher and oven should fit as these are standard sizes. Although when I measure my oven the length is only around 59 mm but the dimension of product seems to be 59.

    Why buy a European oven when Australia still makes good ovens in Adelaide, Westinghouse ones. The inner door glass cracking during Pyro cleaning is not common but can occur if the glass has been damaged prior to the Pyro clean. Yes I actually been quoted prices lower than HBG6767S1A but for most part, this is not available for sale. It is recommended that the wire racks are removed during pyrolytic cleaning as they will discolour.

    If you are lazy and/or don't care about discoloring then you can leave them in. Ours doesnt have one and Ive never had to growl about how the meat comes out. We've had the HBG6767S1A (2nd from top model) for about 6 months and still very impressed with it and all the features.

    I have the HBG6767S1A, brilliant oven, I've used the pyrolitic twice on level two. Have to admit was a little apprehensive. No idea, and I am not criticising the Bosch stuff, don't know a heck of a lot about their ovens. Com/pro ducts-wireless-thermometer.

    Html Your point ? I did that too but the ring came out! Second time with side rack supports and a baking tray inside, again oven and glass looked new after a wipe down, side rack supports worked and looked great, so did the tray. I would consider F&P to be slightly above Westinghouse and Beko etc and wouldnt consider any of them after my last episode with 2 F& P ovens Dont break it they are about $114 for the panel its in and ¾ hour to fit it However there is a big difference between different ovens much like there is a big difference between a cheap and an expensive car I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if anybody ever heard back from Bosch regarding the pyrolytic function and the pull out drawers/runners etc? Mrs Valvster is keen to try the pyro cleaning which we will attempt when Adelaide cools down. My wife thinks I'm silly but I grab the outside of the ring with my fingernails. Works for me Just wonder what the outcome was after you called Bosch. And can you manually add steam during cooking? Miele model can add steam (up to 3 times) by pressing a button.

    It is unclear whether the Bosch can do that in the user manual. And would you recommend it? Many thanks. Not even any need to apply pressure with dry fingers.

    I recently installed a 900 Miele for a guy ,he bought the cheap one as the other one was too expensive ,and imho it was Miele in name alone ,it had a cheap and nasty feel to it ,

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  • Whirlpool FAQ Ditto the AEG and NEFF. The wire racks must be removed as they will distort and discolour. Wished the dial pops out or protrudes a little more for grip.

    There’s a few differences enamel trays http://ths. Com/dis cussions/2260425/miele-oven- temperatures-please-check-yours Whirlpool. Au If you didn’t want to spend the $500 , you can buy portable units for about $50 , useful for the bbq as well That link you sent seemed to indicate that there was an electronics problem with a few older models that got sorted out with some update. Hi! I would consider F&P to be slightly above Westinghouse trj-oz writes

  • Rep code of conduct good ovens Westinghouse ones.

    Given that most people probably want Pyro cleaning the 2661BP can be purchased for 2600. Just rang Bosch Customer Service and they said for that error they'll have to send out a technician – sigh!! So now we have to wait for a local technician to get in contact with us. Annoyed that this could happen before we even use the oven to cook food, doesn't really give me much confidence if it's already having issues!! cleaned first or they can go cloudy if there is any residue or oily film.

  • Submit news I think it is safe to say that at the price point competitors may have more functionality than Miele. Broadband Choosing an ISP Broadband “NBN” Networking Modems/Routers Networking Voice over IP Peer to peer IT Industry Telecomms Hosting companies Web development Programming Server management Companies Telstra Broadband Optus Broadband iiNet Group Internode TPG Vocus Group Exetel SkyMesh Aussie Broadband Connections Other broadband Regional/Remote Last century International New Zealand ISPs Mobile Mobile carriers Wireless ISPs iPhone iPad Android phones Android tablets Windows Phone Other phones Computers Desktops Monitors/video Laptops Peripherals Windows Apple Linux/BSD Life Jobs Education Graduate programs Finance Real Estate Lifestyle Shopping Travel Entertainment Home theatre TV shows Movies Music Gaming Sport Lounges Automotive Photography Gadgets Home Green tech On the web Help Whirlpool FAQ Community rules Moderation FAQ Rep code of conduct Privacy policy Legal complaints Sections Hardware database Knowledge base Job board Whirlpool.


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  • Bosch Series 8 Ovens Interesting, I called up various places and seems the HRG variant is no longer available for sale.

    I wonder why? I’ve been using the Series 8 dial for three years and I’ve never given it any thought. I just use my index finger to rotate it. Whilst Bosch say you dont need to Im not sure how the ballbearings in the runners will like the added heat in a Pyro clean. They come out perfect every time These reviews refer to old Bosch Series 6 models and the new Series 8 ovens being discussed here have a totally different design. However it is easier to push it around than pull it as finger tends to slide if done that way.

    But you may also find that the build quality, ability for the oven to keep accurate temperature and cook well as well as reliability will be hard to beat when you discuss Miele. The sliding tracks can be left in but will discolour.

    We were also looking at these however we came to the conclusion that the Siemens equivalent was not much more expensive and has a 5 year warranty.

    So likely to go in that direction instead.

  • Previous articles Exkiwi writes. Would be doing well if it was equal to Miele. Are you talking the Miele that is second from top model as is the Bosch? I do often wonder about these for all ovens though, not just Miele ovens, I know mine (not Miele) is certainly way off as it often takes a lot longer to cook certain things.

    Ours makes beautiful crackling on pork FWIW I'm not too happy with the pyrolitic cleaning. It has messed up the side rack supports, changed their colour and made them very rough to slide in and out. I've had the HBG672BS1A for two years now and very happy with it.

    I just use index finger to rotate dial and haven't had an issues doing it that way. The heating is not quite perfectly uniform but better than any other oven i've used. I like the different grill functions and use the pizza setting a bit as well. I will be sticking with Bosch in the future (German made only).

  • Knowledge base I did that too but the ring came out! A bit filmsy so I'll try the rotary method for now with my fingers This replaced a 12yr old Bosch oven which was fault free.

    Was never a consideration when we bought ours and certainly wouldnt pay $500 for one The Bosch HBG6753S1A comes in at position 11. A good score of 83% with the top oven scoring 87%. Com/au/en/cat alog/products/art/80413233/ I'm talking around this pricepoint ($2.

    2k) so I have no knowledge of high end Miele.

  • Industry news Sounds like a fairly positive experience, it seems the prices for these ovens for example HBG6767S1A are withheld online for some reason? Where did you guys buy your ovens? Electrolux has 4 brands in their range with varying quality and features We just moved into our newly built house and bought one of the HRG6767S2A Bosch ovens. The manual on page 14 states to do a clean to get rid of the new appliance smell before cooking food – the clean option is Top/bottom heating with added steam on level 01, temperature 240 degreed Celsius for 1 hour.

    So we followed the manual instructions but after like a minute the oven made a weird beep noise and the error message E5116 was displayed on the centre display. We tried it several times again and still same error. Hi All, My only gripe (nitpicking) is the timer starts in seconds up to one minute, wish it did just minutes.

    Quality is way ahead than Miele, I personally doubt it. I have seen Bosch Home Connect, which appears (with some research) to be on overseas models of the Series 8 oven, but not in AU that I can find. Wife has just shown me she turns it with the point of one finger Oven chimes when done.