. Its the only way you'll know its on. Best Buy had the lowest price for this dishwasher, plus faster delivery than any other retailer. It was simple to schedule delivery & The Geek Squad was very efficient and fast in delivering and installing the dishwasher.

4 star rating is due to Bosch’s customer support.

We discovered a cosmetic defect that was showing rust on the stainless steel door panel (inside) & called within the first two weeks of owning the dishwasher to ask about replacement. They gave me cleaning instructions! I refused to accept this solution because of my concern regarding the longevity of the appliance.

It was almost like they wanted me to become frustrated so I wouldn’t follow through. They requested several pictures and replied that they needed additional information that I had already sent them several times. I had to speak with management and was treated rudely until they finally agreed to replace the stainless door panel.

Now I am waiting to hear from the repair center that Bosch said they would send to replace the panel. It’s been one week with no phone call to schedule the repair appointment. You might want to consider purchasing a kitchenaide or LG from Best Buy instead of a Bosch.

Additionally, the chemical smell that comes out of the dishwasher after you wash the dishes is disturbing. True, it dissipates after a couple minutes, but it makes me wonder what kind of residue is on my dishes. For someone who is trying to reduce unnatural substances in my environment, this is a troubling thought.

If I could do it over, I would have gone with another brand and forget the top rack. I MISS MY KITCHEN AID! One advice is to be ware that your electrical line has to be long enough to route to a side cabinet where the junction box (provided, high quality,) has to reside. Ours was just barely able to reach beyond where our old washer was (our kenmore unit had electrical connection in front of the unit).

This dishwasher gets the dishes clean, and I especially like the top 3rd rack, where I can put my place settings, knives, and other small utensils. Plenty of room as well! Love the space and with a family of 8, we always fill up the dishwasher every night. To conclude - our time spent "doing the dishes" has gone from around 1.

5 hours a day to 15 minutes a day and the results have exceeded our expectations. Bosch really made a good product here and we would recommend this product to anyone looking to get a new dishwasher. Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 1 Doesn't clean, doesn't dry, doesn't fit bowls. Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 1 Bottom rack is designed poorly This review is from Bosch - 500 Series 24" Pocket Handle Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub - White Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 1 Worst Customer Service Ever * The silverware pull out does not split in half.

So you can't take half out when you need a bit of extra room. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 5 Great dishwasher for the price! Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 4 First BOSCH Appliance - Very Pleased I decided to buy a dishwasher as it had become increasingly difficult to justify washing dishes by hand every day with two little ones at home. After carefully researching all of our options, my wife and I decided this was the dishwasher for us - and boy were we right.

This dishwasher does an excellent job cleaning even on a 60 minute cycle with added heat. The auto cycle does a great job too, but requires two hours to run. The racks are easy to slide in and out.

I like the red laser light that appears on the floor while the dishwasher is running. There is a sound to notify you once the load is done and the light disappears off the floor.

Once you open the dishwasher, the power button will need to be turned off. This is the only way you'll know of someone else ran the dishwasher. I was concerned after reading about if it dried well.

Compared to our last GE model, and even without the heat rod at the buttom, this one dried the same - any cups that could collect water, they did but plates and other more flat style dishes dried perfectly. It is important to use the recommend cleaning products to max your drying ability.

I love the third rack for utensils. It does a more thorough job getting everything clean. I love my new dishwasher and recommend it to anyone who needs one.

Why do we all spend big money on a dishwasher.

The BOSCH 500 Series will not disappoint you here. Whisper quiet, some water sloshing sounds is it. Everyday I have to use this dishwasher I have buyers remorse for multiple reasons.

First, the design of the lower rack has the bars so close together that unless you are only putting in thin plates, it is virtually useless. Bowls, pans and other dishes do not fit and if you do put bowls in they will end up right side up filled with dirty water. I have written to the company twice about this asking if they have by chance came up with a different design for the bottom rack they can send, because I have also noticed other peoples frustration with this as well, only to be told no, sorry.

* The prongs are very close together in the back and you can't fold any down

. We've found that our large plates that have a slight lip don't get clean because they aren't quite spread out enough. Love the ease of sliding out the racks, and the third rack is very helpful for large spoons and other utensils.

–mikal See all reviews that mention racks as a pro This is my 7th dishwasher purchase. I have owned GE, Kitchen Aid, Kenmore and now Bosch. The dishes are very clean with this dishwasher.

–reviewvin See all reviews that mention cleaning as a pro While I can’t say yet how the wash quality is, I’ll report it once current loans is done. Design looks great but unable to comment on funtionality –Ruthie See all reviews that mention design as a pro In my opinion, a dishwasher should wash and DRY your dishes and this is where the Bosch falls short--it does NOT dry the dishes. I contacted the manufacturer thinking my unit might have been faulty but I was told that the Bosch does not have a heating element in the unit, instead they use a technology called Condensation Drying--which if you are expecting dry dishes--doesn't work.

Every time I emptied my dishwasher the dishes were soaking wet. I was instructed to turn the settings back to the factory default, but that didn't seem to work either, and once I did that the other settings on the unit were disabled. They also confirmed it doesn't dry plastic.

On the positive side, the dishwasher does wash well and it is very stylish, so if you don't mind waiting for your dishes to Drip Dry before putting them away, this will work well for you. Well it doesn't dry, it's loud! –NVS123 See all reviews that mention noise as a con

  • door (7) Overall, this model is worlds apart from the generic kenmore brand. Quiet and Amazing –rsb06 See all reviews that mention quiet as a pro We replaced a very nice Maytag with this dishwasher after the glowing reviews, but we've found that the bottom rack simply does not work well for arranging a variety of dishes.

    Here are the problems: Bottom line, if your looking for a great dishwasher under 1k that washes the dishes great, has plenty of room, dryes the dishes well and is super quiet, this is the dishwasher for you (and no I'm not a salesperson) ;-) Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 1 1 Star Bosch -- 5 Stars Best Buy

  • pots & pans (10) I know Bosh gets generally good reviews. That is why we decided to buy a Bosh when we moved into our new house. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a big mistake.

    Not only is this the most expensive dishwasher we have ever owned, it is also the least reliable. And, it does not clean dishes as well as either of our last two (Whirlpool and GE). I waited a few months to write this review so that I can provide a good overview of the pros and cons


    I purchased this Bosch dishwasher in May 2018. Best Buy sales and delivery team were super! I had to reschedule delivery and the Best Buy customer service call in center was competent and helpful. The old dishwasher was hauled away for a small fee.

    My husband and I installed this dishwasher ourselves. There is a little bit of rewiring that had to happen, but the instructions were very easy to follow and all parts were included. Some reviewers complained of a smell.

    I did notice a new dishwasher smell for the first few days. The smell went away after a few loads were run. This dishwasher is incredibly quiet! If it weren't for the indicator light, and a very quiet sound when it first fills, you would never know it was running.

    Cleaning power is GREAT! I have loaded dishes and silverware with dried on food and they always come out clean. Be sure to scrape off chunks as this dishwasher does not have a disposal blade, only a filter. The filter is easy to remove and clean weekly takes about 30 seconds or less.

    This dishwasher uses extremely hot water and requires a surfactant drying aid like Finish or Jet Dry, to drive the drying process, so there is no heating element for hot air dry. My dishes, glassware and silverware are always dry, but plastics don't tend to heat up enough with the hot water to drive evaporation, so they tend to be a little wet (especially since plastic storage containers tend to have lips and crevices that hold water). It pretty easy to dry the few plastics I use with a towel before putting them away (or I just shake of the water out of the crevices and let them air dry quickly) - not a big deal.

    The nice thing about no heating element is you can put plastics anywhere! No need to worry about "top rack" items. I have found that silicone cookware products tend to get a film on them from the drying aid. I don't like that, so I don't put those in the dishwasher.

    I love the third rack for silverware and small items - so easy to load, and quick to put away! Overall, I love this dishwasher! I definitely recommend it! We really feel like the bottom rack is poorly designed. On top of this, the dishwasher isn't that much more quiet that our previous Maytag

    . Overall, we regret buying Bosch.

    We think the brand is highly overrated.

  • racks (171) I'm very happy with my purchase. Sound level, cleaning performance and style.

    Looks good in the kitchen and works better than I expected. I purchased this Bosch dishwasher based on the high rating it received from Consumer Reports and I was so disappointed with this product that I sent it back and replaced it with the Kitchen Aid (Model 5304504505), which is amazing! We've been using this for about 3 months now. I had to put my ear up to the door to hear anything and even then it was hard to hear it. Luckily, there is a red light on the bottom corner of the unit that shines down onto the floor so that you know it's on.

    The dishes come out clean, and the filter in the bottom is easy to remove and clean out. It dries everything but the plastics completely. Plastics are a little wet in some areas, but it's not a deal breaker for me.

    I haven't had a problem with it at all so far. One thing is a little weird though, the dish arrangement. It's like some one at Bosch decided, "Let's try something different. While I'll admit I have some weirdly shaped dishes, even the conventional ones are difficult to arrange.

    I think the designer must not have ever loaded dishes before

    . On the other hand, the third rack is really great for chopsticks in case anyone was wondering. All in all, so long as this lasts at least 3 years, I'll be happy.

    I know the bar is set kind of low, but after the disaster Samsung dishwasher this replaced, that only lasted barely over a year, I'll be happy not spending any more time reading dishwasher reviews for at least a few years. - Plastic dishes and dishes that are not angled correctly to remove opportunities for "pooling" of water will likely need to be dried manually. The inside of the BOSCH is beautiful.

    First BOSCH appliance, first stainless tub dishwasher for me. My old unit wasn't adjustable and only held 6 12in dinner plates due to the height of the spray bar. The BOSCH will hold 12 and still has room to spare.

    The racks are infinitely adjustable. We had to run our old unit every 2-3 days. Now we run out of place settings before the BOSCH is full.

    No problem because the BOSCH has a half load setting too. Dishes are clean, and ours are always dry. Not sure why some people say their dishes aren't dry.

    We haven't made any changes to the default settings. Worked properly from the very first load. As far as getting the dishes clean, we are back to the ancient ways of "wash before you wash".

    Seriously! If we put in a really dirty dish, it is not going to come out clean. It doesn't dry my dishes the way I would like but that's really the only negative. –Cindy See all reviews that mention dry cycle as a con Customer image gallery First, the dishwasher does NOT look like the pictures.

    3/4 of the front is a matte finish and the top 1/4 is stainless. It sucks up fingers print marks from across the room, and they do NOT come off.

    The springs on Boschs' doors are a known defect (see countless Youtube videos). The door will smash your hand every single time you try to slip in a dirty cup or knife. The unit overall appears to be cheaply made.

    You'll really notice that when you try to adjust the rack height. To be fair, I haven't read the very thick manual yet. However, the manual appears to accompany a college course, not really suitable for a quick overview.

    Just for fun, there is also a black rubber strip along the side that seems to stick out. It gets one star because it is quiet, but that's really the only good thing you can say about it.

    Overall, it's overpriced ugly and cheap. There are quiet dishwashers all over the place, maybe save a few hundred, get a Maytag or GE, and buy yourself a nice dinner. By the way, Best Buy Geek squad, who installed our dishwasher, were amazing! They were the only positive thing about buying this yucky dishwasher.

    We only buy from Best Buy now! * The rack falls off the edge easily. It is not as snug as others from KitchenAid or Maytag. So, it get bumped off the track very easily.

    I had to put my ear up to the door to hear anything and even then it was hard to hear it. –sqrmywrmy See all reviews that mention door as a con The new Bosch was installed and worked great right out of the box

    . Super quiet, a real on/off switch, good soap pellet dispenser.

    Good assortment of cleaning options. Dishes come out very clean although plastics will have moisture on them yet, you need to put plastics in so they don't trap water if possible. Coming from a KitchenAid there are a few quirks you have to get used to 1) always use the extra dry there is no heater to blast the dishes dry extra dry works great 2) the racks are odd apparently Germans use 1000 plates every day, who knew? we use paper plates all the time so cups and such go on the middle rack the lower rack is not suited to anything but plates and large kettles etc.

    The 3rd rack is there but I rarely use it so far. My goto cycle is the 60 min plus extra dry for 90% of the loads. The auto and sanitary can push the cycles to >3 hours and after a party or big meal that's a no-go option.

    A nice thing would be to offer alternate bottom racks, thats the only thing that still bugs me a little. Secondly, anything plastic will not dry. The instructions say to make sure the trap is clean, well, I make sure to clean it after each use.

    Although the dishes are hot and there is steam, there is still a lot of water all over them. Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 1 Save some money and pass on this one * The didn't leave room for large pots and pans to go around the perimeter. Went 6 months without my beloved Miele dishwasher and was just about to buy another one when I wondered into Best Buy to look for headphones.

    I saw the manager of the appliance department (Scott) so told him my criteria and surprisingly, he recommend the Bosch Silence Plus dishwasher. He answered every question I had and several that I didn't know to ask. After reading all the reviews, spec sheets and information I could find, I bought the Bosch at Best Buy.

    It's been two months and I love it more than my old Miele. Some reviews talk about items not drying, but it's a different era than the old ones with a heating element. Open the machine when it beeps and things dry, just like with the Miele.

    It's better for the environment and the electric bill

    . I have never used rinse aids, but some reviews said you must. Thank goodness my dishes come out perfect without them.

    Love the three racks (like my Miele), grey color inside, versatile second rack, deeper third rack, and built-in overflow pan. I've only set the program on auto, but it comes with a bunch of other bells and whistles. The installer (Norman) was professional, quick and courteous.

    Things that I wish the dishwasher had : an automatic door opener for when it is finished, a front panel that doesn't show finger marks/waterspots and a better gripping surface on the racks so glasses don't slide around when the racks are pulled out too forcefully. The racks are just short of perfect when it comes to stacking dishes, but I'm sure it's a user issue and I'll get better with practice. Overall, I'm thrilled with it and glad I did not rush into buying something else.

    Last, about 40% of the dishes do not even come clean. Almost half have to just be put back into the dishwasher. Almost all of the plastic cups that do come out clean have a horrible detergent taste to them, it's unbearable.

    Everyday I am fighting with this piece of junk. I even asked my husband if we can just go buy a cheap one that is loud and works, I don't even care about how quiet it is if it is going to double and triple my work everyday. * The didn't leave room for large pots and pans to go around the perimeter.

    –TruthTeller See all reviews that mention pots & pans as a con We have had this dishwasher for nearly two months and are loving it. Here are some items we have noticed: The Bosch dishwasher lives up to it's billing as a quiet machine. With our open floor plan the dishwasher is close to where we watch TV and this is a big improvement over our old machine.

    You can barely hear it running. The three racks make it easy to find a place for almost every dish or utensil. The top rack is great for silverware, measuring cups , etc


    And being an older person I appreciate not having to bend over to get to the silverware basket. The layout is different from our old Whirlpool and that takes some getting used to but we found that some deeper plates we could not fit into our old machine fit well in the Bosch. It does not have a heated drying function which saves energy but means that some items will come out with drops of water on them.

    Cups with concave bottoms will have some water left in them. We knew this when we bought it and were not surprised but that's the only reason we didn't give it a "5". The payoff is that you can safely put most plastics in without fear of melting and the "extra heat" dry function helps a lot.

    We were reluctant to choose a machine with top controls because you can't see them with the door closed. You get used to that and end up loving it because you don't have to bend over to see them. The real happy ending to this story is Best Buy.

    In the past, I have purchased my kitchen appliances from up-scale appliance stores and I have to admit I was a little nervous about buying a high-end product from a box store. After learning my Bosch was not fixable, I was so worried that I had no recourse and I would be stuck with a very expensive dishwasher that only did half it's job. I decided to call the Best Buy store where I had purchased the unit (Salem, NH), expecting to hear there was nothing they could do (who ever heard of returning a used appliance), and wow, was I surprised with their response.

    There was no hesitation, they immediately told me if I was unhappy with the unit they would take it back, no problem. I went back to the store and chose another dishwasher (which they installed a few days later) and the Bosch was removed. There were no additional charges for the new installation or for the removal of the first unit.

    I would highly recommend buying appliances at Best Buy. Not only is the sales staff very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with--the peace of mind that they are committed to customer satisfaction has made my decision to purchase all my remaining kitchen appliances from them. Thank you Best Buy for great customer service! - Each cycle takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete on Auto Mode while using 'Jet Dry' - Highly Recommended.

    (We have yet to use a different mode) Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 4 Great service from Best Buy - Non-Plastic dishes come out dry nearly 100% of the time (you may need to wait until the dishes are cool to the touch for them to dry completely) Just bought this unit to replace a dead Kenmore Elite unit.

    BOSCH Dishwashers come with a power dongle. It uses a proprietary connector to the unit. All you have to do is connect 3 wires at the dongle and plug it in.

    Drain hose connects to your disposal or air gap and then the water feed to hot water under the sink. 30 min for me, under an hour for most. - Following the directions to not rinse the dishes (only remove large pieces of food) has resulted in zero dishes needing to be rewashed From the beginning, you can see that a lot of thought went into this unit.

    The install guide was clear and concise. The routing of drain hose, supply line, and electrical is far better than our previous unit. The second rack is also a bother because if you want to use 2 rows on both sides for glasses, you can't easily load bowls.

    The center where bowls should go is way too wide and they flop all over. You can't really put glasses in the middle because it humps up in the middle so your glasses end up getting caught in the upper rack.

    Many people complain about the dishes not getting dry. I always set my dishwasher to run at night on a delay, and I always select the "extra dry" option.

    In the morning when I get up, and empty the dishwasher, my dishes are 95% dry. Indeed you'll have a little moisture on some things, but overall, I'm very pleased with both the drying and wash cycle of this dishwasher. Not too mention, it's SUPER QUIET! As for "Silenceplus". Well, it is a little bit quieter than our Whirlpool was, and quite a bit quieter than the GE.

    But I would sure take clean dishes and reliability over a very small volume difference! Please do NOT waste your money. I looked long and hard for a replacement of my beloved old 3 rack Miele dishwasher. Tim, at Best Buy, recommend two based on my criteria.

    He answered all my questions and I picked the 800 series Bosch. After several weeks of use, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. It washes and dries great like my Miele, so thankfully there were no surprises there.

    I love the new gray color inside, flexible second & third racks, and the catch tray under the unit should it ever leak. I deducted a point because the stainless steel door showscases every fingerprint like a crime scene, Bosch should have an automatic door opening feature for when the cycle is finished, the bottom rack is just shy of being laid out well enough to pack it perfectly and it is louder than the old Miele, but not by much. I consider the Best Buy price matching, sales person (Tim's) expertise and the installer (Herman) knowledge/expertise/care as important to my product purchase satisfaction as the actual outcome of the dishwasing itself.

    The buttons being hidden bother some people, but the indicator light that shines on the floor does somewhat make up for that. Bottom line - I'm happy with my purchase, would make the same decision again and hope they add/change those few things in case I ever need to purchase another dishwasher in the future.

    6 out of 5 stars with 984 reviews (984 Reviews) Both get high marks for cleaning efficiency, noise level, style and performance. We liked the look of the BOSCH model a little better. Purchase was hassle free and the delivery came at the expected time.

    The only items you need (not included) is a appliance power cord and water connection kit. If you have purchased a dishwasher in the last 10 yrs, you probably have the parts. Mine was 20 yrs old so I needed some new fittings for the water feed


    - It can be difficult to keep the dishwasher face clean (especially with little ones that like to touch it all the time), but some stainless steel cleaner does the trick far better than warm water alone. Like others have mentioned, there are basically 2 choices for higher end dishwashers. It doesn't dry my dishes the way I would like but that's really the only negative. –Cindy See all reviews that mention dry cycle as a con This dishwasher is very quiet, not silent, but if you aren't in the room with the dishwasher, you won't hear it.

    I find if I am 15 feet away from the dishwasher, I don't hear it at all. Even while in the same room with the dishwasher, I certainly never have to talk louder or turn the volume up on music or the TV to compensate for noise coming from the dishwasher. There is a red light that shines on the floor to the right side of the dishwasher to tell you it is running.

    When a cycle finishes, it chirps 2 or 3 times to let you know it is finished and the red light shuts off. When you open the dishwasher for the first time after a completed cycle, it will illuminate a light that indicates the dishes are clean (attached picture shows where it would illuminate) Within 3 months, the front door would not stay closed. Bosh sent out a repairman who replaced a part in the door. They then sent out a repairman again who fixed the problem. This time is lasted about 4 months. So now we live with it, and have to push the door closed 3-4 times during a wash cycle since it keeps stopping. In conclusion, I replaced the Bosch with a Kitchen Aid and I love it! It has all the same features as the Bosch, as well as some additional enhancements.

    The performance is great, the dishes are super clean, and this unit is much quieter than the Bosch (you don't even hear it running). Best of all, your dishes are dry when it's done! What was the most disappointing to me was Consumer Reports analysis

    . How can they give such a high rating to a product that only does half its job? Needless to say, I won't be renewing my subscription to Consumer Reports.

    Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 4 Ultra Quiet-Pleased with Purchase If you are buying it based on noise level, you won’t believe how quiet this thing is when washing dishes. It’s amazing, we really can’t believe how loud the kenmore units are. I was drawn to this dishwasher because of the 3rd rack up top for large utensils which I love.

    However, the rest of the dishwasher (IMHO) is a nightmare to load. With the exception of the one row that easily accommodates plates in the bottom rack, the rest of it is fairly useless because of the position and angle of the spindles. It is really hard to load pots and over-sized bakeware.

    The dishes are very clean with this dishwasher. –reviewvin See all reviews that mention dishes as a pro This review is from Bosch - 500 Series 24" Pocket Handle Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub - Stainless steel

  • dishes (159)
  • plastic (9) DO NOT buy a Bosch, my Bosch series 500 dishwasher developed an E:009 error shortly after warranty was up. This is a dishwasher that is in a condo that is lived in about ½ a year and is used only by a single man.

    Total usage about 1 year, twice a week. I looked up the code and it was either a heat pump or the computer. I called Bosch and told them exactly that.

    They said they had to send a tech for further diagnosis. The tech came to my house, looked at the Error code and said it was the heat pump or the computer. It took him 2 min, he did exactly what I did and then he tried to charge me $130. This is the Bosch standard; they will extort the 130. 00 from their customers before they will even help.

    I refused to pay it and they are now holding my dishwasher hostage until I pay (meaning they won't fix it). But they will not tell you how long it will take, "Depends on the tech".

    I WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER BOSCH, nor will my friends, or their friends, or anyone else that will listen. And that’s before you actually use this guy.

  • design (89) Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 5 Expectation Exceeding Dishwasher Rating: 1 out of 5 stars 1 Most expensive and worst dishwasher we have owned Cleans better than any dishwasher I have used. I do not use the bottom basket since the 3rd rack holds everything i was putting in the basket on my old dishwasher. It cleaned an oatmeal bowl that set overnight.

    It did take me awhile to get the right settings. Do not prewash or soak your dishes before putting in the dishwasher. Turn on your hot water faucet in the kitchen sink.

    When it gets hot turn it off then wash your dishes on the auto setting with the sanitize option. Your dishes will take a little longer to wash but will come out sparkling clean and dry. The inside of the dishwasher will still have a little water in it but not much.

    I check my filter after each wash and it has always been clean. The only thing I hate about this dishwasher is the lower rack. I wish the back tines folded down

    . I suggest watching a utube video on how to load this dishwasher. I now turn my pots on the side instead of upside down.

    Rating: 5 out of 5 stars 5 The dishwasher I wish I bought long time ago Wish I hadn't switched brands.

    Time to give up on plastic cups! –DishwasherMom See all reviews that mention plastic as a con.