. It depends whether it’s an electric or gas oven, but generally it will either be a gas engineer or an electrical engineer. Often when you buy your oven, you will be given details on who to call for installation.

Alternatively, you can find someone online. Make sure that you use someone reputable and certified, as an installation gone wrong will be extremely costly. When Do Ovens Go On Sale? In store Not necessarily, but gas is sometimes preferred because it provides a faster and potentially more ‘authentic’ cooking experience.

This is because you can easily control the flames on the hob and it can get up to temperature quicker. A gas setup may actually be slightly more unreliable than an electric one, though. Are All Ovens A Standard Size?

  • Dimensions: 59. 7 cm
  • Functions: 7 Going for a double convection oven is a great way to maximise kitchen space.

    And this Zanussi number gives you over a 100 litres of space (can’t argue with that). Once you go Miele ContourLine, you don’t go back. The specs speak for themselves, and the price becomes understandable after a few uses.

    You won’t struggle to fit everything in, thanks to the very generous 75L capacity.  Pyrolytic cleaning technology will heat up any burnt on grease and grime so you can give it a simple wipe rather than needing to chip away at it for hours.

  • Very generous capacities Replacing an appliance is time-consuming and expensive, so it’s often best to aim for mid range ovens and cookers, and to sign up for any warranty periods.

    You don’t want anything going wrong with your appliance, as it will be a huge hassle to fix. Double

  • Easy to keep clean on the inside Initially, you will have to make a choice between an oven that is fuelled by electricity or fuelled by gas

  • Gas ovens are slightly cheaper to run than electric ovens
  • Capacity: 71 L After a few dinners and Saturday morning grilled bacon butties, your oven can become a bit dirty and greasy, so it is usually time to give it a bit of a scrub. However, this Beko oven features SimplySteam, which will remove any burnt-on food and grease. All you have to do is fill the tray with water and leave it on to do its work.

    When working with the catalytic liners of the oven, this should make your life much easier. The fan ensures heat is distributed evenly and thoroughly, resulting in proper and even cooking. Because there are two chambers, you have plenty of room to cook the largest of meals all year round.

    Click for Best Price

  • Fan & rotisserie functions
  • Easy glide shelving
  • Half-width or full-width grilling options Compare oven ranges at different retailers – you’ll be surprised at the differences in pricing. Kitchen Appliance Buying Best Tips
  • Gryofan even cooking technology
  • Temperature controls may take some getting used to at first
  • Dimensions: 59. 7 Cleaning is easy as you just have to wipe it with a cloth thanks to the linings, and the minute minder will buzz when your feast is ready so you can always stay on top of the job.
  • Fully removable shelves that glide No, they come in many shapes and sizes and vary based on the brand and design.

    Dimensions are usually given in centimetres, with an internal capacity given in litres. The best ways to get a feel for an oven is to know your current oven’s size and compare that, or go and see some models in a showroom. Which Ovens Do Chefs Use? The timer will help you stay in control too.

    Just set it for the duration needed, and it will turn off when done. This is perfect if you sometimes get distracted.

  • Capacity: 71L / 34L
  • 7 cooking functions including slow cook
  • Capacity: 68L / 43L
  • Our Top Oven Picks
  • Beware of financing plans, they may be more costly in the long run as you’ll have to pay interest
  • Fits under a worktop
  • Both electric and gas ovens will have different cooking functions like grill, fan, etc. Overall, there are plenty of functions, including baking, grill and fan, intensive baking and top heat
    . Great for preparing a whole host of dishes and cakes.

    The safety shelves prevent themselves from being pulled out accidentally which could result in a nasty accident or some wasted grub.

  • Warranty: 2 years We love this electric double oven from AEG. With its sleek design and anti-fingerprint coating, this model is perfect for busy kitchens or those who need more than just a single oven.

    The two separate cavities mean that different foods can be cooked at the same time and allows for catering for larger families or dinner parties. The heat is also evenly distributed, so you don’t have to worry about the back of the dish being burnt whilst the front is still undercooked.

  • Capacity: 76L
  • Catalytic liners makes cleaning inside easy
  • Best Budget And Cheap Ovens
  • Easy clean enamel interior It controls temperature really well, and is easily adjustable to a fine tee so you get the perfect results.

    If you are after something easy to use and control, then the host of 5* reviews show it is one of the most popular out there. Energy-efficient A+ rated double oven, easy to use, packed with features, huge capacity - we could go on.

  • If you don’t follow correct installation procedures, your insurance won’t be valid
  • Do you need any extra safety features? Cheap ovens these days are easy to come by, whether you are looking for gas or electric. Buying a good oven on a budget doesn’t mean a huge trade-off in quality if you know what you’re looking for.
  • Fast and even heating This gleaming double oven delivers on size and quality of the cooking.

    A really great choice for a busy family kitchen, this looks and is good and all things considered, the price isn't half bad.

  • Quiet
  • Dimensions: 59.

    5 x 55cm

  • Energy Rating A The electronic display is both easy to navigate and see, while adding a touch of the latest technology and design. A 65L capacity will allow you to cook for guests and gatherings without cramming all of the food in. Plus, touch controls help you to get everything just right, while offering a flat surface so cleaning is a doddle.

    8 cm

  • Light only comes on in top compartment Different types offer different cooking functions. The oven type is the general category of oven, like conventional electric or fan-assisted electric. These types will then be broken down into functions like fan-assisted grill, electric grill, fan oven, fan-assisted gas oven, etc.

    An excellent and well priced choice for those who enjoy cooking a wide range of meals

  • Catalytic cleaning function
  • Good capacity
  • Illuminating glass fascia
  • Energy efficiency rating: A You also get a fantastic five-year manufacturers guarantee which should cover all of the basics if anything were to go wrong, which is even more value for money.
  • Quiet when in use
  • 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Powerful variable grill
  • Shop around and don’t commit too soon – there may be a better model out there
  • Best Built-In and Wall Ovens
  • Capacity: 65 L
  • Takes a while to get used to the touch controls and pressure needed What other ovens can do proper pizza too? More than just a gimmicky luxury oven with fancy features, this is a feature of real solid kitchen design and engineering.
  • Modern design with digital display Here we’ve reviewed the best double ovens that would be great for any family kitchen.

    7 cm

  • Make sure you are clear on what your priorities are in terms of safety, usability, price and design
  • Don’t get blinded by a fancy brand, dig deeper and look at product specification and reviews to get a real picture of the best appliance for you. You only get one wire tray, and the fan setting seems a little noisier than most alternatives, especially others in the range. But we will simply say that it is easy to put up with as you get high performance in return.

    It’s cheap and cheerful; you won’t be getting any additional cooking functions, but it’s a reliable and purse-friendly buy you can’t go too wrong with.

  • Straightforward to use You’d be forgiven for thinking that a single cavity oven can only accommodate one temperature at any one time. However, Samsung have answered all of your prayers with this fancy futuristic combination oven.

    One of the best currently on the market, fantastic build quality and value for money. Putting others to shame with your features, functions and flashy design


    8 cm

  • Have you measured your oven cavity? What dimensions are you going to need? (Not all ovens are the same size) Non-stick enamel liners help to keep burnt-on food at bay and make cleaning ever so easy. There are air cooled doors so you don’t have to set up a cordon when it is in use to prevent people from touching it, and the electronic timer will help you stay in control when you have a to-do list as long as your arm and can’t keep an eye on the clock. A fabulous pick if you are after a budget buy without having to forego performance and quality.

  • Quick to heat up Because it is a conventional oven, the heat rises from the bottom upwards so it is perfect for baking cakes and cookies at the bottom. The double glazed door will retain heat, and is easy to wipe clean so it remains seethrough.
  • Heats up very quickly Oven Functions A double is best if you’re planning on doing lots of complex cooking, or prefer a bit more space for your family meals.

    Often shared houses will have double setups. Energy Efficient Ovens Because there are two chambers, you get plenty of room to ensure everything is ready at the same time, even if everyone wants different things. The main oven is fanned with the top cavity being a conventional oven and also featuring electric grill, which is perfect for adding finishing touches.

    1 cm From the Jamie Oliver Hotpoint partnership comes this built in electric single oven. It is ideal for cooking all of your favourite meals with minimal effort.

  • Nice exterior design
  • Capacity: 46L + 50L Read our reviews and see what kind of oven takes your fancy.

    Our only problem is that the temperature markings jump up in 25 degree steps from 100 degrees. As most recipes call for 180 or 190, it takes a bit more fine-tuning and monitoring than we’d like. But for the price, it isn’t a big downfall and doesn’t affect performance once you get to grips.

  • Energy Rating: A/A
  • Convection
  • A gas oven is fuelled by gas, whereas an electric oven will be plugged into your main electricity supply
  • Capacity: 74L Cooking with gas is very important to some people and gas is often used by professional chefs who tend to cook on gas ranges. Though electric alterantives have been taking over recently, many still feel that gas is better.
  • Energy Rating: A/A
  • Safety Features: Child Lock
  • 8 different functions
  • Easy clean enamel coating
  • Dimensions: 70.

    3 x 60 x 55 cm (H x W x D) New models are typically released in September and October so older cookers get discounted at that time of year to make space for new shiny cookers. There are also usually some of the best deals to be had around January. If someone has a monthly sales quota, you might get a better deal at the end of the month.

    Weekends can be bad if you’re going to buy in store as they will be busy and rushed. Online Hotpoint DD2544CIX Electric Double product manual Download Electric options are versatile and safe, and can be programmed to work in a number of different ways. It’s their wide array of functions like combi grill, rotisserie and various settings that make electric ovens so user-friendly and give you that nice even bake.

    This oven saw Hotpoint team up with Jamie Oliver, and you can tell. It is an appliance which has been designed with cooks in mind. Instructions are a let down and it is slow to heat up.

    But inevitably worth the wait and time spent getting to grips.

  • Energy Efficiency: A
  • Programmable digital timer A lovely small setup with a powerful electric grill, this Stoves is a great family kitchen appliance which won't let down even the most demanding of users.
  • Energy Rating: A+ Because there is a 71L capacity, it is great for those busy high demand homes where the oven never seems to be off and teatime is a task.

    Yet, the A+ energy rating will help to keep the energy usage and bills low, so you don’t have to worry about it being on for long periods. Ovens are separated out into many subcategories that you may find confusing at first. The main categories you need to know are fuel and function, followed by design and dimensions.

    7 cm A built-under double setup like this offers great value for money when trying to pack as much as you can into a small kitchen space. Not only that, but it is modern and cleanly-designed too without being too in-your-face. The touch control and LED display screen brings a bit of modernity, not only looking sleek in your home but also being much easier to clean than those with dials and switches.

    Talking of cleaning, the EcoClean Direct catalytic coating of the chamber will reduce the need for any hard scrubbing every month, as every time the oven is on it works to remove the dirt build-up. Just wipe the door and bottom of the oven, and the coating replaces itself.

  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Cleaning: Easy-clean enamel, Steam cleaning function
  • 1 year warranty included
  • Smart telescopic shelving For easy cleaning, the catalytic liners help to absorb fat and burnt on food and then oxidise them at a high temperature, so they form a wipe away liquid.

    Scraping and brushing ovens can cause a lot of damage, so this should help keep the Indesit with you for years to come. Even if there were downsides, they'd be the type you'd happily put up with.

  • Programmable cooking timer A Pyrolytic enamel interior is pretty much self-cleaning. All you have to do is wipe it after use to ensure it remains as good as new. There is a cooling fan which keeps the door and dials cool to touch to prevent accidents, and the double glazed glass retains heat so your food is cooked to perfection.

  • Catalytic liners for easy cleaning
  • Energy Efficiency: A+
  • Interior light
  • Easy clean enamel
  • Grill pan doesn't come with a handle, you have to order separately from the Stoves store Withing this chamber, you also get a grill which is ideal for bacon and cheese on toast or crisping up the Hotpot. And we loved the Circulaire option, which pushes the hot air into every corner of the chamber to cook the contents evenly. It does this without transferring any flavours or smells, so you can cook a range of dishes in one compartment without the risk of it all coming out tasting the same.

  • How important is quality and design to you? What about the brand?
  • Single cavity for both grill and oven, can’t be used together If style is a big priority for you then you can’t get much better than this offering from our favourites at Smeg. Pyrolytic cleaning ability will allow you to keep all those cleaning products safely in the cupboard under the sink. Just remove the shelves, turn the dial to the setting and watch as the oven heats to around 500 degrees and liquifies any burnt on grease or debris.

    Allow to cool, then wipe away with a damp cloth. Packed with all of the cooking functions you could ever wish for in an oven, this Bosch model will make all of your kitchen dreams come true.

  • Easy clean enamel surfaces
  • Fanned electric (2kW) and conventional electric top oven + grill As is typical of Smeg, this model features smart glass panels (rather than seethrough) that light up when in use, making it look stylish and sleek.

    Eight cooking functions, including fan and rotisserie, will tackle any meal or baked good you throw at it. Buying a double oven means having twice the fun in your kitchen. They are brilliant for bigger family kitchens and will be appreciated by ambitious home cooks who need some space to perfect their Sunday roast.

  • Capacity: 65L A double-glazed door adds that little extra safety, ensuring it is both cooler to touch and keeps the heat where it should be. Obviously, a little bit of heat does still radiate as with all ovens and cookers, so always keep little ones out of harm’s way.
  • Oven Buying Guide Having one of these means you can easily have multiple dishes on the go – grilling on the top, whilst roasting other food on the bottom.

    Some twin ovens also offer double grills if grilling is really your thing. It seems a bit slow to heat compared to other similar models of the capacity, but this is still a stylish family model at a good price point. Overall a great oven, does what it says on the tin and will keep your kitchen flowing.

    Getting one that works well and is safe to use is a feat of engineering. You are paying for the materials, but also the design and testing of prototypes. Simple enamel ovens and cookers will be cheaper than nice stainless steel or coloured ones.

  • Quick to heat Perfect for bigger families who need the extra space of 2 ovens. Simple electric oven, this Logik is a good first buy for anyone with a new house who isn’t looking for anything special and just wants to get their kitchen kitted out fast. Likewise, it is perfect for families who's budget won't quite stretch to paying much more.

  • Do you need a double or single?
  • What sort of features and programmes are you likely to need on a regular basis? Does it make sense to pay extra for them? This stylish number from Stoves combines the quality of a gas oven with the precision of an electric grill, which certainly makes things easier for the user. Great for smaller families or couples who aren’t looking to cook huge joints of meat. 5 x (D)55cm
  • Integrated pizza stone moulding (and you can use it for naans, pittas, flatbreads, ciabatta – the list goes on) Another solid offering from Hotpoint, this is a great high capacity multifunction oven with an A+ energy rating.
  • Integrated grill
  • Inside enamel liners for easy cleaning Not only do you get two compartments to help accommodate your entire meal, but there is also a generous 70L capacity.

     No matter what you’re whipping up, there will be a cooking method available to you. From Circulaire fan cooking for the foods which require precise thorough cooking to a defrost feature, you get a lot for the money. We love how this Samsung uses the latest technology to give you a solid and practical setup that delivers on quality and usability.

    As a bonus, the shelves were incredibly easy to slide in and out even with heavy items on top which will reduce the risk of any spillages or burns. It’s the kind of appliance that you don’t want anything going wrong with as it will be both tricky and expensive to fix. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you make your decisions and always be clear on warranty periods.

    One of the functions is a high moisture setting, so when you’re roasting meat it won’t dry out. A speedy cooking setting will also even everything out to ensure your meal is delivered quicker but safely. Electronic sensors monitor the progress.

  • Style The previous model which we also rated highly, the NW601FP, had open door grilling which is something rare with modern models and, to be honest, we like to keep smoke and smells at bay. So we were very pleased to see that this one has closed door grilling, which is a huge update. Nobody likes a house that smells of grilling.

  • Integrated fan for even cooking
  • Convection or grill functions A function determines how the oven heats up and will influence your cooking results. Most setups offer a number of functions, with fan ovens and grills becoming increasingly standard. The benefit of fan-assisted cooking is a more economical way of cooking and a more even bake.

  • Easy to clean inside
  • Noise level: 46 dB(A)
  • Defrost function Firstly, it has a large capacity of 71 litres
    . This makes it perfect when you have guests and need to feed a large group of people. Better still it’s in Beko’s EcoSmart range, meaning that it will reduce energy consumption while not compromising on cooking quality – all whilst cutting running costs.

    You are more likely to find the best online deals all year round, as online selling tends to be a little less seasonal. It’s still probably worth shopping in late Autumn and early winter though if you’re looking for good deals on older cookers. Use online review websites and money saving websites to help you compare big brand cookers.

    Why Are Ovens So Expensive?

  • Integrated pizza mould We dislike
  • Capacity: Main Cavity 61L, Second Cavity 35L
  • 2 grills (one in each cavity)
  • Safety Features: Childproof lock, Door contact switch, Residual heat indicator, Safety switch-off function
  • Capacity: Main Cavity 66 L, Second 27L
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • With gas, you may struggle to get a completely even cooking temperature inside, though gas ranges and hobs are favoured by the country’s top chefs as the best Both are nice and spacious, and it is an attractive bit of kit too – and for the name, it is a pretty good price. 5 cm
  • Energy rating: A
  • Lights inside the door provide good visibility when cooking
  • Anti-fingerprint finish
  • Illuminating smart glass panels
  • Capacity: 48 L
  • 1 Year Guarantee There are many different built-in options: wall ovens sit at eye-level, often in custom-designed kitchen cabinets, whereas built-under ovens are made to fit under kitchen worktops.
  • Energy Rating: A/B Top marks for design and overall ease of use, and the food is cooked perfectly too You’ve got quicker cooking with MultiFlow technology, which gives you an even temperature for the best results possible.

    A full width grill will help you focus on the areas which matter the most, from crisping up lasagne edges to grilling your cheese on toast. Download the AEG SurroundCook DUE431110M user manual here. Download Gas oven technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years and new gas cookers are very tightly regulated and controlled.

    It’s much easier these days to get an even temperature with gas as designers continue to innovate and improve on earlier cookers. Belling BI70FP 60cm Built-under Double Fan Electric product manual Download The price may be slightly high, but you are paying for both the quality and the name. You get a whole host of accessories with the purchase too, including a pizza stone and grill pan.

    Plus, you can choose from four colours.

  • Massive capacity It is all coated with an enamel interior

    This stops any grease and grime sticking in the first place, so you just need to give it a quick wipe every so often. It is pricey, but it is also stylish and from a huge name in the cooking world so you’re paying that bit more for a quality item.

  • Main capacity: 65L The grill also was great quality with good heat distribution too.

    It covers the width of the oven, so all of your bacon will fit in comfortably in one go. While everything is cooking, you can check on the progress using the interior light and large clear glass door. Constantly opening the door increases cooking time, so again it makes for a fast appliance.

    7 cm (H x W x D) Baking benefits from an even temperature to encourage an even bake. An electric fan setup is probably the easiest and best for bakers to get to grips with. Gas setups are good because gas lets off some moisture, but again you might struggle to get a consistent temperature.

    There are a few models out there which excel for bakers, and it is a top selling point. Who Services And Installs Ovens? There is also a lot which may appeal to busy homes with busy people. A 71L capacity is plenty to get entire meals cooked in one go, and the conventional heating is great for every food from sponge cakes to beef joints.

    Talking of cleaning – everyone hates it when something spills over in the oven, or some cheese drips down from the cheese on toast in the grill. You’ll likely leave it for weeks as it is too much hassle to scrape off, as you just hope that the burning smell disappears. Well, thanks to Hydro Clean technology, all you have to do with this oven is pour 300 ml of water into the recess at the bottom of the oven and set to the relevant programme and temperature.

    Then you will have to make some decisions on what cooking functions you’d like best, and what sort of oven design will fit in with your existing kitchen design (built-in or standalone).

  • Takes time to get used to the controls (but worth it in the end) Oh the power of hot air! Fan, fan-assisted, or convection work by circulating hot air around, making for a more efficient cooking environment
    . Rather than just relying on the walls heating up and radiating heat around, convection setups actually propel hot air around the food.

    7cm (H x W x D)

  • Safety elements Built-in ovens are fantastically versatile cooking appliances and are becoming increasingly popular with style-conscious cooks. Built-in ovens are great because they can seamlessly sit within your kitchen units, blending in with your overall kitchen design. We like Thanks to the inner fan, air is passed over the heating elements which means a more even cook.

    Put short; it won’t let you down in any shape or form. For under £200, a big-name oven is that bit more possible. We’ve gathered some great cheap options for the money-conscious cook.

    We cover electric, mini, and we’ve even included a budget-buy oven for those who are looking to make a big saving with their kitchen appliances this winter.

  • Drop-down glass door This Indesit model has some great functions and it’s nice to see a double oven where both of the cavities have been given A ratings for energy efficiency. We love that you can get a built-in double electric setup with seven cooking functions priced this near the £300 mark.

    The top compartment is reserved for smaller dishes and grilling, while the bottom of this double is perfect for roasting joints or larger oven dishes. The larger cavity is fan operated so the heat spreads well and quickly. Great for ensuring your food is safe and cooked to a tee.

    If you’re making cookies and anything else which requires heat to rise, the smaller cavity is perfect.

  • Door seal is so good that it gathers condensation which is released when opening door You want an oven which is affordable, but still has some of the fancy settings and control of one at the high-end of the scale.

    An integrated, stylish design and nine different cooking functions make this a great choice from a highly-respected appliance brand

    . Designed to fit in an eye-level unit, it won’t suit every home. But if this is what you’re after then the price, energy rating, usability and extra little functions are great.

    If Jamie Oliver approves then what’s not to like? The catalytic cleaning feature makes cleaning this oven quick and easy, with the grease and fat being absorbed by liners and oxidising, so no need to spend hours scrubbing the grease off this oven. Stoves SGB600PS Built In Gas Single manual Download

  • 1 year guarantee An EasyClean lining makes the chores easier too. Simply wipe away any spills once they have cooled, rather than scrubbing or chipping away at them which could cause a lot of damage.

    This is because it breaks down even the stickiest of food stains.

  • Safety Features: Safety shelves, double glazed glass Cooking options are aplenty, with options for roasting meat, baking sweet goods and grilling some perfect bacon. Multiflow technology guarantees that no matter the setting, the hot air will reach every corner of the oven so your food is cooked just the way you like it and, most importantly, safely.

    There are plenty of extra features to both keep you happy and make life easier. Enamel coating makes cleaning easier and also protects the surface from any damage or scratches when you’re inserting and removing baking trays.

  • Great price
  • Huge capacity Electric setups can ever so slightly bump up your utility bill, so always go for an energy efficient model if you can (A rated or better).

    On the other hand, a basic oven is often good enough for standard kitchens and cooking, and you may not need all the bells and whistles that a fancy one offers. A budget oven can be a good purchase, but make sure you read lots of reviews before making a purchase decision. (Here are our reviews of cheap ovens).

    We certainly took a shine to this Smeg gas setup. We love the rotisserie cooking function and the smart glass panels that light up – a great kitchen appliance investment.

  • Child safety lock This large capacity oven is perfect for big families or having guests over, being in the EcoSmart range means reduced energy consumption which in turn will lead to savings over time.

  • Energy Rating: A Most ovens need to be installed by a professional and licensed engineer. You are dealing with complex parts of your home like the main gas or electricity supply and you really don’t want to mess either of those things up.
  • Look for a competitive warranty package A built-in oven is one which can be fitted under a kitchen surface, or integrated into an existing wall design as part of a custom cabinet

    Sometimes built-ins are known as wall ovens because they sit in the wall. Is Gas Better Than Electric? Great budget buy with fantastic features that you wouldn't expect to get for the price. The little niggles we have are easy to get used to, and certainly won't put you off using it.

  • Gas ovens and hobs are often seen as a more ‘authentic’ way of cooking, but electric ovens are increasingly the norm as they offer a more consistent temperature Cooking with this is truly a pleasure. Miele’s commitment to quality means that it’s not only supremely stylish but durable too. There is a 76L capacity which makes it one of the largest we have featured – ideal if you need space but don’t have space for a large Aga-style oven.

    There is a generous 65L capacity which will help you prepare large family meals as well as batches of sweet treats at the weekend. Whether it be a roast chicken or cookies, this Hoover model has a function which will ensure they come out absolutely perfect. An enamel interior makes wiping clean simple, and will also ensure that the coating remains intact under the heaviest of use.

    As there is only a 48L capacity, it isn’t the biggest on our list, but not everyone needs a huge oven that can accommodate roasting joints and huge casserole dishes. If this is you, then both the price and size of the Stoves cooker will appeal. Gas ovens are great – we all love the nostalgia of striking that match and the warm cozy smell of a gas model on full pelt on a cold winter’s morning.

    Great for everyday cooking, this is a good double oven that takes a while to get the hang of but won't let you down when done. 5 cm

  • Electric ovens may be conventional electric ovens, or fan assisted ones. Fan assisted ones are usually preferable, as they keep energy costs and preheating times down Hoover have given us a modern black and silver single convection oven here, with easy dials and controls.

    The perfect user-friendly addition to your home. It is large in size, able to hold over 70 L at once, so there will be no issues trying to fit everything in

    . There are 13 functions, taking you from conventional heat and full and half-width grilling to a dedicated pizza setting, hold warm and defrost.

    A unique function is 4D Hot Air, designed to provide equal amounts across all four shelves thanks to the alternating fan. This allows you to cook different dishes at the same time, but provide excellent results. There are a few little niggles on the usability side that are dragging the score down ever so slightly, but it’s still great for the price from a market-leading brand.

  • Warranty: Five years
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty Oven Care & Installation
  • What’s your budget like? Don’t forget to factor in insurance and installation. Remember that scrimping now may not pay off in the long run A standalone model is also a good option as it will make for less work during installation and is a popular choice in managed properties as it offers an easy ‘all in one’ solution. An oven range is pretty much always standalone, as it’s such a big bit of kitchen kit.

  • Can set a particular programme
  • Dimensions: 59.

    4 cm (H x W x D)

  • Dimensions: 71. 7 x 57cm You still get a generous 66L capacity, which is enough for all of those evening meals which require a lot of cooking space.

    The fan system spreads the heat throughout evenly, and from our tests, it seemed to pre-heat nice and quickly too. Nobody likes standing around waiting to get going after a hectic day at work. Touch control makes the whole process much easier to manage, so there is no awkward bending over to check the dial is on the right temperature setting.

    You can even programme it to start cooking up to 24 hours in advance, so whether you know you’re going out tomorrow morning and want to have lunch ready for when you come back or want your dinner after work with no hassle, the oven has you sorted. 7

  • Plan carefully before you make your appliance purchase by reading appliance reviews on different websites
  • A wrongly installed oven is highly dangerous You will also have to consider how much space you have to devote to your oven, and how you will manage the installation process. Often you’ll need professional and qualified engineers to do the fitting – it’s not something you should be attempting on your own without any professional assistance. Electric ovens
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Versatile and multi-functional It not only looks amazing, but it’s packed full of extra features like telescopic shelves, triple glazing and an extra deep tray. Perfect for both style and substance.

  • Programmable time with automatic shut off To really drive your price down, you’ll need to trade in ceramic hobs and stainless steel doors in for more humble design. 3 The digital timer adds the final finishing touch, helping you to stay in control of the recipe. BEST DOUBLE OVEN: Smeg Cucina DUSF400S Built Under Double Oven Easy touch controls make choosing your settings clear and comfortable, and you can set the time and check up on the progress of your dish.

  • Best Double Ovens
  • High capacity
  • Dimensions: 59.

    8 cm The perfect choice for those who want their cooking experience simplified.

  • LED Display
  • Type: Electric
  • Interior is easy to clean To help you buy the best oven for your needs, we’ll be covering fuel, function and design. Check out our reviews below for inspiration.

  • Double separate compartments
  • Self-cleaning interior Thanks to the unique dual cook feature, you can actually use the main cavity at different temperatures. Upper and lower cooking zones will help you independently cook various dishes, with different time requirements too

    Or, just use it as a standard single oven for those larger dishes.

  • Fan assisted for rapid, even cooking
  • Dimensions: 59. 6 cm
  • Dimensions: 88 x 59.

    8 cm (H x W x D) Fan or convection ovens can either be solely fan ovens, or they can be multi functional ovens that have a fan function. Now the confusing definitions are out of the way, read our reviews of some of the best fan & convection ovens. Best Gas Oven: Smeg SF6341GVX

  • Tilting grill Thanks to the flexibility of both conventional and fan heating, this oven will cover all of the meals and treats you need to cook.

  • We’ve collated a lot of the manuals in our reviews so you can get the best out of your purchase, but don’t attempt to install your oven on your own We love the smooth curves and its clear mirror finish. It has definitely been made for the houseproud cook. Okay, it isn’t for everyone, as it definitely goes against the grain, but if you love the smooth almost hidden away look then it’s a winner.

    Don’t panic about it getting dirty though, as there is a mark resistant coating.

  • A energy rating
  • Anti-fingerprint coating Here is a high quality gas oven that doesn’t skimp on style
  • Light in main compartment Here are our best tips for buying a kitchen appliance:
  • Capacity: 71L The grease proof enamel coating means that this appliance is easy to clean and won’t require hours of endless scrubbing. It should stop grease sticking, so as long as you wipe it frequently, there should be no issues.

  • 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee This Smeg oven is the latest in luxury design and usability. Packed to the brim with loads of amazing features and functions, there is actually an integrated pizza stone moulding so that you can make your own pizzas and flatbreads.

  • Do you know how much oven space you actually need? (Remember, oven cavities are always measured in litres) Some people say gas hobs are better, but electric ovens are starting to take over as Britain’s domestic ovens of choice.  Easy to maintain and install with more even cooking temperatures, we can see why. This multi-functional oven is perfect for busy family homes.

    Boasting an LED clock, programmable timer and seven different useful functions including a defrost setting and a pizza function, it makes cooking easier than ever. Not only does this Newworld oven look nice and modern, but navigation is also easy thanks to the clearly marked settings and timer buttons. There is an interior light so you can keep track of the cooking without opening the door and see everything clearly, and the removable glass door offers easy viewing too.

    These words are sometimes used interchangeably, but technically cookers would include the top hotplate known as the hob. An oven is strictly speaking just the oven cavity used for cooking. What Is A Built-In Oven? Sure, when buying cheap you will have to balance size with quality and style, but it’s totally possible to get a fully functioning setup and a good deal at the same time.

  • Capacity: 71 litres Smeg SFP6925BPZE1 Classic Aesthetic product manual Download
  • Closed-door grilling to lock-in smells
  • One year manufacturer’s guarantee Navigate
  • Best Gas Ovens
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Utilise combination deals for ovens and hobs wherever you can
  • Closed door grilling
  • Generous capacities for a built in model
  • Dimensions: 88. 4 x 55 cm
  • Help and Resources Convection ovens are usually energy-efficient and are easier for home cooks because you won’t have to bother with moving food around inside and you’ll get a more even bake.

    They can be fuelled by either electricity or gas, but electricity is increasingly becoming the norm. You will want to have frequent mini cleans, as well as deep cleans and scrubs. You won’t always need to resort to harsh chemical cleaners either, there are plenty of natural ways to remove grime and grease.

    8 cm Having a wall oven at eye-level can make it a lot easier to use, but some people still prefer a traditional built-in setup that sits beneath a worktop.  Integrated wall ovens certainly make a stylish first impression and allow you to play around with your kitchen design a bit more.

  • Gas safety valve For safety, the door is soft open, and there is a childproof lock.

    A residual heat indicator will also tell you whether the oven is still a bit hot so that you can keep the kids out of the kitchen in the meantime

    . If you’re making a big Sunday roast for the family, then there is ample room with the 71 litre capacity. Or, if you’re getting your bake on and making some cupcakes with the kids, the multi-dimensional cooking ability will leave them coming out evenly cooked.

    When you need to grill to add a golden finish to your oven baked dishes, just turn the dial and you’ll be ready to switch everything over in seconds. If you set the electronic programmable timer, it will turn off the oven when it is done. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t overcook everything if you lose track of time while watching TV.

    If you have little ones running round then the auto-stop anti-tip shelves and heatproof glass door will keep them safe and prevent any accidents. It looks stylish, has heaps of settings and is quality. Just beware that as it is a double oven, if it is placed very high it may become difficult to view the controls.

  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Smaller in size than similarly priced alternatives Designs also vary in terms of colour and design. A classic white enamel oven is joined by black, stainless steel and even mirrored glass ovens. It’s possible to have coloured and quirky ovens too, with red and cream being popular appliance colour choices. Basic
  • Integrated Gas safety valve
  • Large capacity Heats up fast, packed with functions, so easy to control and very roomy. We don't know what else anyone could possible want.

  • Best Fan and Convection Ovens CircoTherm technology means you can roast and bake at once. So, you can get the Sunday beef done at the same time as the apple pie for dessert and not have to worry about your timings too much. You get telescopic rails too, so not only do you have free reign over the positioning of each shelf but you also can ensure bringing the food out is safe too.

  • The outside may become covered in fingerprints and marks a lot Choose between a fan and convection setting to cook your food, depending on the contents of the oven. There is also a grill, and a slow cook function if you’re a fan of casseroles but don’t have the space for a dedicated slow cooker appliance. The main oven is a conventional cook, so it circulated air evenly.

    This creates perfectly cooked dishes. Then there is a grill in the second chamber where you can crisp the top of any al forno dishes. Having two ovens is great for those busy meal times, or if you want to bake pudding while the fish fingers are getting ready.

    Clean, modern-looking and simple to use, this Beko oven will slot into any kitchen and home with ease and cooking will no longer be a task. It is pricey for a single cooking appliance, but the sheer number of features, safety considerations and the overall look makes it a very worthy purchase in our eyes. It takes a while to become familiar with, so any initial frustrations with the turn dial and settings will subside.

    This model sports a programmable timer which can be set to automatically shut off the oven when the food is ready. No more burnt chips or dried out chicken, without you lifting a finger. The pyrolytic self-cleaning setting reduces leftover food and grease to ash, allowing you to simply wipe it away.

    Great for anyone who wants to cut out harsh chemicals and elbow grease. Hate cleaning your oven every so often? We all do, especially after some grilling or after a slight spillage. Thankfully, with this oven, the catalytic StayClean oven lining means you don’t have to grab your Marigolds.

    Just give it a wipe every week and it will remain looking like new.

  • EcoSmart
  • Self-cleaning Stainless steel, easy to clean and looking modern, this Beko model is a firm favourite among reviewers.
  • Easy cleaning technology
  • Easy to clean enamel inside The Energy Saving Trust recommends that you look for A rated ovens as a “new A+ rated electric oven will consume 40 percent less energy than a B rated one”.

    Read more about energy efficient appliances on Energy Saving Trust’s website. How To Choose The Right Oven An excellent budget option for any kitchen, the Candy FCS201N multifunction oven is perfect for preparing a range of dishes. We love the sleek black finish, which is basic, clean and will look great in any kitchen – and for under £200.

  • Temperature indicators are sometimes hard to see
  • Capacity: 66 L Excellent value for money, an easy to use budget option for any home. Thanks to a large 71 litre capacity and a second chamber at 34 litres, this is an oven perfect for those family meal times where everything needs to be ready at the same time.
  • Best Electric Ovens Chefs use huge ranges in commercial kitchens.

    These are often custom built, and tend to combine gas tops with electric ovens to combine speed with even cooking. We have reviewed some of the best for home use on Appliance Reviewer. Which Ovens Are Best For Baking? Brilliant functions and clever use of technology makes this a winner for us.

    Cleaning the Hoover HOC3250IN couldn’t be easier, with easy clean enamel surfaces and a steam cleaning system so you’ll never have to spend hours soaking and chipping grease off this appliance. Just fill the reservoir with water and leave it to work its magic. With the help of the steam, food residue loosens, which also reduces the chemicals you use.

    The fan allows food to cook evenly, no matter which shelf it is sitting on. The entire cooking chamber will be the perfect temperature. A programmable timer allows you to cook the dinner to a precise level, so you can get on with other things without having to keep an eye on the clock.

    Thanks to two cooking chambers and a powerful main electric fan option, you can cook to your hearts content whether you like to be experimental or you throw everything together and see how it goes.

  • Capacity: 60L Best Electric Oven: Miele H6360BP One feature which we couldn’t stop raving about – the grill element is tiltable downwards. So, when you’re cleaning, you can access every surface.

    No more working around it to get rid of those upper grease splashes. The telescopic shelves allow you to check on food without removing it. This increases safety and allows it to stay warm.

    Grilling is done with the door closed too, which we know isn’t a rare feature, but still very welcome. An LCD display and Canali controls will help you set everything with precision. Being more efficient with the energy you use is better for the environment, and best of all better for your purse strings.

    All cookers are rated on a universal EU energy efficiency scale, with A+++ being the highest energy efficiency standard

    . An energy scale like this makes it easy for you to tell at a glance how energy efficient your appliance is.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning system
  • Dual cook function
  • Have you read enough reviews to make your decision? We’ve recommended some great deals from across the UK’s biggest and most trustworthy brands, but before you commit to your big purchase, you may want to shop around further.

    If this sounds like you, feel free to use our buying guide to help you make the right decision. Different Types Of Oven A single oven has one cavity, whereas a double oven will have two. Often double ovens have a main cavity that will roughly be the same size as a standard single oven, with a smaller oven sitting on top that will double up as grill.

  • Capacity: 70 L + 41 L This Belling double convection is of a medium size for a double and has got loads of great features you’d expect from an oven from this brand.
  • Capacity: 71 L + 39 L For the price, this is easily one of the best ovens on the market. Cleaning, cooking and fitting is easy, leaving you to get up to the more important things in life.

  • Generous 75 L capacity Designed to fit within an eye level cabinet and with a handy LED display, this is one of the most stylish and appealing options on the market for the price, which also includes a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. It is a nice price and if aesthetics are a top concern, it will please. A built in oven means that you can integrate your oven with the rest of you kitchen design, either fitting it under a worktop or at sitting it in a special eye-level cabinet.

    It depends really what you think looks best in your kitchen, but fitting an oven in an eye-level cabinet means that you will need to set your hob on a separate part of the kitchen worktop. 8cm In terms of cleaning, the enamel interior and removable inner door glass make keeping this gas oven clean a breeze. No harsh chemicals, scraping or fighting through the smell of burnt on grease any longer.

    We think it is well-priced for what you get, in the middle range yet high up on the list of ovens packed with the best features. Stoves is a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to large kitchen appliances. This double oven is one of their latest offerings, and it excels at everything


  • Generous capacity
  • Fan-assisted electric oven For a pretty fantastic price, this built-in Baumatic oven is a bit of a steal. As for the more basic and necessary functions, there are 12 functions, 20 automatic programmes and five cooking levels which will help you cook absolutely anything from a well-risen bread to a massive batch of brownies or a whole chicken. You get two shelves plus a grill pan – luxuries which don’t even come with some ovens 5x the price.

    We’d have liked if the temperature dial was a bit clearer to set, but after a few goes it is easy to get to grips with. Some may say you can’t expect perfection for this price, but we’d have to say this Logik comes close. Well built from a well known brand, good value for money.

    Some of the functionalities can be tricky

  • Dimensions: 58. 5 x 55 cm (H x W x D)
  • Plenty of features It is priced rather high for an oven of its style.

    But the capacity, navigation and ease of use makes it slightly understandable. If you’re looking for an oven which is an investment as opposed to something which will do for a couple of years, we have no doubt it will last.

  • Lower capacity: 59 L + top capacity: 37 L Luxury ovens come with an impressive array of features like pre-programmable cooking programmes, self-cleaning pyrolytic lining and even integrated pizza and flatbread features.

    A luxury oven from one of the best brands will look a lot more high end and will be finished off to a higher standard. More expensive choices are made from better materials and have longer warranty periods.

  • Pizza function Ovens can be some of the dirtiest and hardest to clean appliances in our kitchens.

    Left to their own devices, they quickly become caked in dirt and grime. It’s important to stay on top of cleaning to best extend the lifetime and value of your appliance. This Indesit is a real budget buy for the sheer amount of technology you get.

    Fantastic quality for the price, this will not disappoint.

  • Grease burning technology
  • Integrated utility drawer
  • 9 unique cooking functions Despite the slight niggles with the lack of user friendliness at first, once you get in the swing it is a great option and will see you through cooking well
    . Consider the following when purchasing: Deciding on what is best for you depends on your kitchen objectives and habits.

    Some people review ovens from a very functional perspective, others need a little more from their cookers in terms of design and brand.

  • Energy Rating A for both cavities A combination oven has many different types of functions, like fan, electric grill, microwave etc. A combination oven may have the edge over a single function oven as it allows you to be more versatile.

    Most standard ovens these days come with a variety of oven functions, but only ones that offer microwaves are generally called combination ovens. This can be a great option, but you might have to trade off some oven power. Read our microwave and combination oven reviews here.

    Different Oven Designs: Built In VS. Freestanding You have the ability to remove the inner pane of glass for easier cleaning when the time comes. A manual timer can be set so food doesn’t burn, and it also switches off after use so no forgetful individuals can leave it on overnight.

    This must be on for it to work as well, so there will be no accidental knocks of the dial. FAQS What’s The Difference Between An Oven And A Cooker? A ceramic interior will keep any spills at bay and make them easy to keep clean with a simple wipe. There is a cooling fan which will keep the door cool so you can touch it while it is on – handy if there are any little fingers which you need to protect.

  • Capacity: 73 litres.