. Power consumption standby/display on
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Electronic touch control
  • HMB55C463X
  • Delight your family with deliciously juicy roasts made with the Rotisserie Grill. Turntable diameter (mm)
  • Electrical connection rating: 2,250 W
  • Black colour Addtional function
  • Turntable glass Rotary knob, Start button, Touch Control
  • Microwave Power levels: 90W, 180W, 360W, 600W, 1000W
  • White LED display
  • Enjoy fried foods in a healthier and cleaner way, with the unique Fry Lite dish.

    Not available

  • Heating modes: Microwave, Grill, Hot air grill, Hot Air Grill Microwave Combination (Convention)
  • Plug type: Indian plug Type of control setting and signalling devices 211. 730 kg Quartz Cavity dimensions (mm) 2,250 W 315 mm
  • Accessories: Tall wire rack, Low wire rack, Baking tray, Rotary Spit and Fry Lite
  • 121 automatic programmes
  • Freestanding microwave 230 V
  • Additional heating modes: Fry Lite, Rostisserie, Reheat, Tandoori Key Functions Max. Microwave power level
  • Appliance dimension (hxwxd): 300 mm x 539 mm x 555 mm
  • Cavity volume: 32 l Cavity capacity 300 mm 32 l
  • Cook your favourite Indian and international dishes effortlessly, with up to 121 built-in automatic programmes to choose from.

    300 x 539 x 555 mm Currently there are no scale drawings available.

  • Rotary knob Dimensional Drawings 539 mm 1. 0 W
  • Baking is fun,quick and convenient with Convection mode.

  • Oven door with left-hand Connection rating (W) Create all your favourite Indian cuisines at the touch of a button.