. This appointment can take place within 3 working days after contact, unless you want it at a later date. Built-in ovens with upper and lower heat Oven rack Built-in steam ovens 4D hot air ensures uniform circulation, enabling the Bosch HBG632BS1 to bake at 4 levels at the same time.

The other types of heating, such as the infra-grill circulation or upper and lower heating, also ensure that your food is prepared just right in the 71 liters of available oven space. Choose a temperature between 30 and 300 °C. The Bosch quickly and automatically pre-heats, so your dish can be prepared as quickly as possible.

A child safety lock and the maximum oven door temperature of 40 °C make the Bosch HBG632BS1 extra safe to use. Oven function types View all oven brands Shorten the warm-up time with fast-preheat function. Roasting tray Installation material The oven doesn't feature a cleaning function that attracts and burns up food residue. Pick up old product Don't have an elevator? We'll deliver up to the 4th floor. We'll take all the packaging In shopping cart € 534,99 € 534,24 5% discount on the accessory If you purchase 3 other Bosch built-in appliances in addition to the Bosch HBG632BS1, you will receive an additional 3 year warranty on top of the standard 2 year warranty from Coolblue.

In this article you can read when you are entitled to the 5 year warranty and how you activate it. We'll take your old product with us for free. Do you want to be sure you can enjoy your new freestanding oven for a long time? Choose a Backup Plan In comparison to other ovens, this one has a better preparation quality.

In shopping cart € 881,- € 862,95 5% discount on the accessory Homemade pizza, Baking cake, Cooking large roasts recommended by our expert Bosch HBG632BS1 - Coolblue - Before 23:59, delivered tomorrow in your shopping cart. You can insure your product in the following cases: Complete your kitchen with a built-in cooktop. Thanks to the turbo fan oven, this oven is suitable for baking on multiple levels.

Recommended for type of food Roasting tray, Manual, Installation kit, Oven rack, Power cord.