. We appreciate the positive feedback about your Bosch HBG672S1A Oven, we're glad to hear that you’re enjoying the appliance. If you have any future queries, please feel free to call us on 1300 369 744. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our After Sales Support team on 1300 369 744.

Expecting a high end cooking product and brand and feel like im cooking on an open fire place- fluctuation in temps- food taking 3 time longer to cook and still some parts rare- on contacting the service dept was the worst with no help what so ever- NEVER AGAIN. I ended up being very happy with the Good Guys and their experience and advice on selecting a new Oven package- Happy Days again- its a shame word of mouth detailing brands and companies can cause hard times, but if the likes of Harvey Norman are more interested in $$$ and not customer satisfaction then bad luck We are yet to use the pyrolytic function and will be unlikely to use it anytime soon so I cannot comment in that area. All in all though, we are enjoying this oven.

It feels like a far better model to the previous version. Since then 4 warranty service calls over a two month period to date.

Electronics completely replaced. Attempts to install a replacement failed with error messages so old fan reinstalled to allow the oven to at least be used while the issue is reviewed.

Random shut downs during preheating meaning it needs to be watched closely. Clock resets to a different time overnight for reasons yet to be explained. Have requested a replacement and been advised by Bosch they are waiting on the latest service report.

Will update on progress but it is my strong suggestion based on our experience to buy something else if you prefer roasting reliability not to be an electronic lottery. Great Oven Once You Understand Tricky Control Dial & Lack of 2nd Wire Shelf I really like the controls on this bosch oven. I was a bit concerned at first with it being so different from my old oven


I haven't used a lot of the features yet, but it cooks roasts, cakes, and casseroles well. You can control the temperature very precisely with the rotating dial and as such I've also used it on lower temp to roast fresh cashews. I haven't used the cleaning function yet but I'm looking forward to seeing results.

I got this oven quite cheaply as it was a display model. Replaced the previous model and couldnt be happier so far After the service report was lodged I had to chase Bosch about whether they had received the report and what was to happen. They agreed to a replacement but all was still not smooth sailing.

I then received an sms from the original supplier to say my new oven was to be delivered the next day. I had to contact them to there would be no one there to receive it so could we make it the next day? No problem - delivery made and lemon removed. Luckily my son-in-law is an electrician so he was able to install.

Replacement oven in use then a couple of days later I get a message from Bosch regarding making arrangements for delivery of my replacement oven!!! Had to ring them to say it had happened some days earlier. Replacement has functioned since installation without issue. Hi Brett, Thanks for your review.

We appreciate the positive feedback about your Bosch HBG672BS1A Oven, we're glad to hear that you're enjoying the appliance. If you have any future queries, please feel free to call us on 1300 369 744.

Hi Mick, Hi Grace, Thanks for your review, we appreciate your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues with your Bosch HBG672BS1A Oven. We'd like to help you investigate, so could you please contact us on 1300 369 744 to discuss further. Meaning if you are pulling hot trays out of the oven you can easily push the door up and it closes itself.

November 6th 2017 Update: I wrote a review 8th September 2016 Old Electrolux oven suddenly stopped working, after the disappointment with Electrolux service i purchased this Bosch oven. Very happy with the oven, heating up very fast, meat evenly cooked. There are more than enough features for me because i only use hot air and grills.

For people who cook a lot, i definitely recommend it. As I wrote a review on the 8th September 2016 and had a message in my email tonight I thought I better give a update as I forgot I had written a review, well one year later I just love this oven, I went to the Bosch to learn who to use my oven well I learnt a lot it was only a few hours. Well to my oven it cooks beautifully the best roast dinners and seals the flavours in, in the begging I would have to go check to see if it was working as it is as quiet as a church mouse, on the outside it stays cool.

As for cleaning it dose that to like brand new lol. Well worth the purchase every one Renovated unit and put in new kitchen and appliances love love the oven am not a natural cook but it makes me want to cook more too so many features. Love the rapid heat and different cooking features doesn't seem to get dirty like my other one love the round finger dial and modern look Excellent oven! My wife and I purchased this oven twelve months ago and it has been one of the best additions to the house.

Intuitive, easy to use buttons and menu. Gets up to temperature within a few minutes and the fan turns off when the door is open. Would recommend to anyone looking at renovating and updating their kitchen.

Great oven which is very accurate in temperature with great German build quality. As a repair pro said "If you don't want to pay Miele prices for excellent appliances, buy Bosch. " Two concerns: (1) The central control is great once you understand it.

Bosch needs to make it clearer that the round circle actually moves and that you need firm pressure on it to make it move. I had thought that it was like another electronic system where just your finger touch moving on the surface would make changes. To their credit this is covered indirectly in the Troubleshooting section where you learn that you can easily remove this dial and clean behind it if it does not move/register.

(2) The non-inclusion of a second wire shelf (Bosch is now not alone in this deletion) was a shock and that I had to buy the second shelf separately for Australian $72 including shipping was less than inspiring

. Overall very pleased with this product. Bosch service is excellent and responsive.

Again like the previous version the front glass doesn't get hot - makes it great if you have kids. I have also found that this oven doesn't blast out hot air from the front of it like the previous model. It has a neat little thing on the front that tells you when the temperature is cooled down.

Hi Jade, Hi bJG, Thanks for your review. We appreciate the positive feedback about your Bosch HBG672BS1A Oven, we're glad to hear that you're enjoying the appliance. If you have any future queries, please feel free to call us on 1300 369 744. Used the pyrolytic function to clean my oven it started to smoke burned my glass, I rang warranty they said I needed to clean the grease in oven first so what was the point of buying a self cleaning oven extremely disappointed very unhappy waste of money. Warranty dept were not helpful. We appreciate your positive feedback about your Bosch HBG672BS1A Oven and we’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying your appliance so far.

We appreciate the positive feedback about your Bosch HBG672BS1A Oven, we're glad to hear that you like the controls on the oven and that it cooks roasts, cakes, and casseroles well. Delivery and setup were very efficient. The electrician, though, couldn't help me set up the time and some of the processes needed for use and I found that bit quite tricky; but reading the instructions and going through the processes several times - I eventually had the oven set up ready to go.

The dial in the middle is a little bit finicky (but looks good). It heats up in minutes - which has been a fabulous time-saver. (Previous oven took at least 20mins to heat up) and its different heat settings are all great.

It cooks the food fabulously! I'm really pleased with the efficiency of this oven. We have had no problems with the dial sensitivity like others have had.

Very straight forward once you have a read over the manual. I We has issues with the back panel rusting out of our previous Bosch oven. We were given this model as a replacement.

Already we have noticed a huge difference in the way things are being cooked. Cookies are cooked evenly, our roasts have perfect crackling and tender meat. So many settings help to perfect our cakes and such.

Hi Sam, Hi Sri, Thanks for your review. We appreciate the positive feedback about your Bosch HBG672BS1A Oven, we're glad to hear that you're enjoying the appliance. If you have any future queries, please feel free to call us on 1300 369 744. We appreciate your positive feedback about your Bosch HBG672BS1A Ovens, we're glad to hear that you're enjoying your experience! I bought two of these ovens and was a bit disappointed at first because the control rings were difficult to use and erratic in operation.

After talking to Bosch and learning that the control rings are removable for cleaning I decided to try that. The rings removed easily enough and there was no dirt or grit under them, not surprising as the ovens were new and virtually unused. When I re-inserted the rings it was a transformation.

The controls are a terrific to use and I love the rapid heating function. These ovens are fantastic (and I haven't used the pyro cleaning yet), very pleased with my choice

. The wire racks that come with this oven are different to the previous model but I feel I like these better.

The last model's wire racks could extend out on wheels making it easier to check food. This model however has normal wire racks. Making the racks easier to clean and you can place them on any level.

I was just reading Micks review, I just purchase my oven on the 1/9. I haven't used it yet it was only put in yesterday.

I could not use the rotator to set my setting at first it was a bit frustrating but I pushed a little harder on the rotator and it worked but when I saw the display at the show room that was light to move. I am so looking forward to using my new Bosch oven as I haven't had a oven for 6yrs. I'm just waiting for Bosch to call me regarding a mark under the glass panel just above the notes symbol and to talk with them about the rotator but I am sure these are just little thing they will help me with.

My beautiful daughters are waiting for my review on my new Bosch as they live in different states.