. Expensive lesson learnt, check the specs! It is impossible to dry a doona cover, they just roll into a ball. Have to take it out every 20mins and detangle in order to get the job done.

Outstanding Performance, No Noise, Best drying results and easy on clothes Series 6 Bosch Dishwasher love it first drier every purchased and works so well, dries clothes fast and very energy efficiant bed sheet drying issues Our first Bosch product in the kitchen. This machine runs very quiet and cleans very well. If it lasts you will have a customer for life.

BOSCH Serie | 8 Heat pump tumble dryer WTW87566AU As previously reviewed, I love this dryer in every other way except for this issue. Overall I am very happy with this dryer, it is quiet and drys perfectly. My only complaint is lack of reverse action.

My 15yr old cheapy tumble dryer had this option and I assumed a brand like Bosch and a relatively expensive dryer would have ths feature as standard. Need to pause and untangle sheets often during the drying cycle. Only had it a few days but is really quiet and fast [depending on cycle].

One Major Flaw All other items have no problems drying at all. Although a bigger size than my last front loader to me it seems smaller because the Bosch front opening is not as big. Rolls them into a ball, because the drum only turns in one direction the whole time.

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