. £40 Cheaper Seven shelves / 118kWh Quieter noise level More door balconies means more efficient use of space in your fridge. 1840 X 620 X 640 Mm (H X W X D) The Bosch KIL82VS30G has received a Kagoo Score of 81, however the Liebherr UK1720 scored 76. 2kg 16% quieter year Larger total capacity 41% cheaper to 152L baskets Newer by one year The Bosch KIL82VS30G has a Super Cool function, whereas the Liebherr UK1720 does not. One year newer manufacturer's The energy efficiency rating of the Bosch KIL82VS30G is "A++", however the rating of the Liebherr UK1720 is "A+".

21% bigger fridge capacity by £130 over Newer by 18 A fully featured but 4 year old 286L capacity fridge, with moderate running costs and a good price. Bosch KIL82VS30G 10 - 32 541x545x1772 11% quieter noise level 24% bigger Fridge Net Capacity Three months 39dB 209kWh 9% quieter noise level by £59 over Newer by one 570mm £340 cheaper The Bosch KIL82VS30G has a fridge net capacity of 286L. That's 134L bigger than the Liebherr UK1720 (152L). 32kWh/24h Liebherr fridges have an average rating of 91. 4%, but Bosch only has an average rating of 87%.

The Liebherr UK1720 only costs £300 to run over five years however the Bosch KIL82VS30G costs £537 to run (79% more). Water Dispenser 64L bigger fridge capacity / basket superior 34dB The Bosch KIL82VS30G was released 21 months later than the Liebherr UK1720 The Bosch KIL82VS30G has a built-in display, whereas the Liebherr UK1720 does not have this feature. Higher energy efficiency rating Prices Reasons For Date Released Manufacturer's Warranty Key Features Energy Efficiency Price Trend Specification by £250 over A fully featured and very economical to run 152L capacity fridge, good for individuals and couples. 2A The Liebherr UK1720 is a 34dB noise level fridge. That's 5dB quieter than the Bosch KIL82VS30G (39dB).

597mm Liebherr UK1720 Newer by 16 820mm A greater number of retailers increases the price competition amongst retailers for this fridge and also increases the chances of the product remaining in stock. 541mm 10 To 38 °C 158L Bosch KIL82VS30G vs Liebherr UK1720 Detailed Comparison - Kagoo.

Uk 70 months old £250 cheaper Door balconies are special areas in the door of the fridge, useful for holding condiments, sauces, beers, etc. Ambient Temperature The number of door balconies on the Bosch KIL82VS30G is five, but the Liebherr UK1720 only has three door balconies. By £240 over The Bosch KIL82VS30G is a five shelf / basket fridge, whereas the Liebherr UK1720 only has four shelves / baskets.

21% cheaper to run over five years longer £61 Cheaper.