. 2 Jelly Bean or higher) and iOS (6 or higher) users and is optimized for smartphones, but will work on tablets, too.

Simply download the app and follow the instructions to get started. You do have to press the Remote Enable button on your oven before you plan to use the app. That part is a little annoying, but if you can remember to do that when you first put the food in the oven, it won't be a bother.

After that, you can monitor or make changes to your oven settings from any Wi-Fi network and remotely via 3G, 4G, or LTE. Screenshot by Megan Wollerton/CNET GE Profile Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven PT9550SFSS review: Special features make this GE double oven shine - CNET The KitchenAid model has six rack positions like the GE double oven. However, it has 8-pass broil elements rather than GE's 10-pass unit.

The Bosch double oven offers a fast preheat option, six rack heights, and a pizza and pie mode. The Whirlpool double oven also comes with six rack positions, but it offers a rapid preheat setting like the Bosch model. I would like to see a fast preheat option in the GE oven.

Otherwise, I'm not overly impressed with the features on these other ovens. I definitely think the GE double oven leads in features in its price range. 9 Photos Electrolux's $3,549 Electric Double Wall Oven with Wave-Touch Controls EW30EW65GS, KitchenAid's $3,499 Convection Double Wall Oven KEBS209BSP, Bosch's $2,999 500 Series Double Wall Oven HBL5650UC, and Whirlpool's $2,649 Gold Double Wall Oven with the True Convection Cooking WOD93EC0AS are all in roughly the same price range as this GE double oven.

They offer a lot of the same features, too, but, none of them come with app compatibility or an LED status bar. Some of them do offer features that the GE double oven doesn't, though. One of my favorite features of the PT9550SFSS is that it's compatible with the GE Brillion app.

Only select GE wall ovens work with this app, so get excited, smart-home fans. The app allows you to preheat your oven, get alerts when your food is done, and change the oven temperature all from your Android or iOS device. The $1,399 LG smart oven we reviewed comes with an app too, but it isn't nearly as intuitive as GE's


You can select the oven mode and temperature right from your phone. In addition to those unique features, the oven comes with a complement of standards as well. The Upper Oven and Lower Oven buttons located on the top left are pretty self explanatory.

Next to that, you'll see the following cooking modes -- convection bake, convection multirack bake, convection broil on high, low, and crisp, convection roast, traditional bake, traditional broil on high and low, proof, and warm modes. There's a Lock Controls button so you can lock the display panel buttons and a Remote Enable button on the left side, too (which you use to connect the oven to the GE Brillion app). It also includes two "self-clean heavy-duty oven racks" for both ovens and one "self-clean roller rack" for the upper oven, all of which can stay in the oven during a self-clean cycle.

The upper and lower ovens both have six rack positions so you can make height adjustments as needed. The interior of each oven is outfitted with three halogen lights for better visibility. Yep, it has pretty much everything you'd ever need from an oven.

The display screen is located in the center of the oven control panel. That's where you'll see the current time and any other cooking mode and temperature details. The Start button sits on the right side of the display along with Cancel/Off, Timer On/Off, Steam Clean, Self Clean, and oven light buttons for both the upper and lower oven.

There's also a numeric keypad, and Cook Time, Set Clock AM/PM, Delay Time AM/PM, and probe buttons. Usability In comparison, the LG Smart ThinQ app for the LG LRE3027ST range is only available on your home Wi-Fi and it's incredibly difficult to set up. Even if you do manage to get the app to work initially, it's tough to navigate and you can't actually preheat, cook, or adjust your oven settings remotely.

The symbol in the corner means that the GE Brillion app has been enabled. We baked biscuits, roasted whole chickens, broiled ham steaks, and roasted pork tenderloins in this GE double oven. Yes, there has been a lot of delicious food flying around the office lately and yes, I've spent a significant amount of time lurking around the oven so I don't miss anything.

A major benefit of my, uh, diligence is that I was able to get a very good sense of how the GE Profile PT9550SFSS performs using different cooking modes, temperatures, times, and recipes.

  • GE Profile Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven PT9550SFSS GE's $3,699 Profile Built-In Electric Double Convection Wall Oven offers advanced features that make it stand out from other models in its price range
    . A strip of red LEDs above the upper oven lets you track how much time is left until your food is finished -- a useful supplement to the standard digital timer.

    Even better is the remote control and pre-heat capability that comes with's GE Brillion app. None of these extras mean much without strong basic features and impressive cooking performance, but fortunately this oven has those things, too. I strongly recommend this GE double oven if you love to cook large amount of food, and you want a tool for the job that's sophisticated, high-end, and a little bit quirky.

    GE Profile Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven PT9550SFSS review: Special features make this GE double oven shine Colin West McDonald / CNET The Good An LED status bar and app compatibility give the GE Profile Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven an interesting edge over the competition. Oh, and it consistently makes great food. The specific model we tested is finished in stainless steel (PT9550SFSS), but you can also get it in black for $3,499 (PT9550SFBB).

    It weighs 284 pounds and measures 29. 5 inches deep and the interior dimensions of both ovens is 25 inches wide by 17. Your cabinet should be 30 inches wide to accommodate this model. The Bad The display panel looks nice at a glance, but the layout could use some work. This oven also boasts 10-pass bake elements, 10-pass dual broil elements, and closed door broiling. That's all pretty standard for ovens these days.

    The 10-pass heating elements are large enough to spread across an oven cavity. They ensure that your food is as evenly cooked as possible. You can see a 10-pass dual broil element along the top of the oven.

    Steam Clean targets smaller messes and uses a lower temperature to clean during a quick 30-minute cycle. Before starting a Steam Clean cycle, the care manual suggests wiping away any obvious stains and pouring a cup of water into the bottom of the oven. When it's finished, the oven door will unlock automatically.

    Self Clean works in much the same way, except that it's designed to tackle significant amounts of grease or other heavy stains and takes several hours to complete a cycle. After it's finished, the door will remain locked until the oven cools down. Discuss: GE Profile Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven PT9550SFSS review: Special features make this GE double oven shine Sign in to comment The Bottom Line This might be too much machine for occasional cooks who stick to the basics.

    But enthusiasts who want a lot of features are sure to appreciate this above-average performer. This oven is pretty easy to use, but the control panel could be better. The display panel looks great, but the organization of the buttons is just plain weird.

    The upper and lower oven buttons are scattered around in a way that doesn't feel very intuitive and actually makes it harder to interact with the display. It's also difficult to see the clock at certain angles, although the LED progress bar can help here. The Electrolux double oven offers a "Perfect Turkey" button designed for poultry and a "My Favorite" settings option so you can save three of your most-used modes.

    The display panel design looks interesting, too -- apparently, the entire display panel is "asleep" until you activate it with a single touch. It has seven rack height positions compared with GE's six. I also really like the red LED status bar situated between the display panel and the upper oven door


    It acts as a supplement to the standard digital timer -- as the clock counts down, the LED light bar advances across the face of the oven. It also works as a preheat notifier. When it's preheating, the LED strip pulses and when it's finished, the bar turns solid red.

    I love this feature, but there's one caveat. The status bar only works for the upper oven. Still, it's a unique addition that might actually make it easier for you to check on your food when you're in the kitchen, but can't quite see the timer.

    And, if the LED strip annoys you for any reason, you can always disable it. The red LEDs can track cooking time and preheat status. The upper and lower ovens both offer 5-cubic-foot capacities.

    That's pretty big for a double oven -- the $4,999 Dacor Renaissance 30-inch Double Wall Oven RO230S we're currently testing has two 4. The Electrolux EW30EW65GS double oven has 4.

    2-cubic-foot capacities, the Bosch HBL5650UC double oven has 4. 7 cubic-foot capacities, and the KitchenAid KEBS209BSP and Whirlpool WOD93EC0AS double ovens both have 5-cubic-foot capacities like the GE double oven. The GE's display panel is a glass touchscreen.

    Overall, the oven has a sophisticated, understated design. It won't make much of a statement, but it will blend in nicely with a modern kitchen. This understated oven will suit many different kitchen styles.

    We first did extensive online research to find some of the best models available. We were looking for common features as well as those that set certain models apart

    . All of the cooktops in our lineup are 30 inches wide.

    We only evaluated cooktops that feature four burners; however, many of these cooktops provide a bridge element that allows you to combine two burners to create one large heating element. Induction cooktops are more costly than electric or gas cooktops. The ones on our lineup fall within a price range of $800 to $2,500. 9 Cooktop Functionality Wolf CI304 C/B Largest Burner (inches) This cooktop isn’t as easy to use as some of the others in our lineup.

    9 There are numerous benefits to this type of technology, but one great advantage is how quickly it heats up food and water in your cooking vessels. With an electric stove, for example, the electric coil must first heat up, and heat is then transferred to the pot. With induction cooktops, you don't have to heat up any coil – the heat is directly transferred to the pot.

    This makes these cooktops much more energy-efficient compared to its gas and electric counterparts. Furthermore, this allows you to quickly adjust the temperature of the element without waiting for the coil to heat up or cool down. The Bosch NITP066UC is an induction cooktop with a variety of advanced features and a design that sets it apart from other cooktops.

    The four burners range in power from 1,400 watts to 3,300 watts. Best Induction Cooktops of 2019 - Reviews of 30-Inch Stove Tops | Top Ten Reviews The touch controls are excellent and easy to use. It has some nice features that enhance its use, such as pan size detection, which detects the size of pan you’re cooking with and adjusts the heating element to match it.

    A warming feature is designed to keep your food warm without overcooking it. There are nine heating temperatures and a power boost feature, which raises the temperature for 10 minutes if you want to do things like boil water fast. There is no warming feature to keep food heated without overcooking.

    Cooktop Precision 100% This Frigidaire induction cooktop has four burners that range in power from 1,450 watts to 3,400 watts, which is plenty of power to cook food of all kinds, but it is an average range of power for these appliances. The burner sizes are also about average, ranging from 6 to 10 inches. This cooktop does have a bridge element option that allows you to sync two heat elements to create one large element for cooking on griddles and other oversized cookware.

    Bridge Element All four burners have power-boost capabilities, but you can only use the power boost on one element in a group at a time. 9 Each burner automatically turns off if no pan is placed on it.

    KitchenAid KICU509XSS Wolf CI304C/B Frigidaire FGIC3067MB is more affordable than any cooktop we looked at. It has great features like features that adjust the size of your burner to your pan and shut off if it detects no pan is there. Bosch NITP068UC Additionally, this Bosch induction cooktop is one of the few on our lineup that provides power-boost capabilities on all four burners.

    By increasing the power on the burner, the power boost lets you heat water at a faster-than-normal rate. However, while all four burners feature the power boost, the burners are split into two groups, and only one element can use the power boost at a time. 1 Walmart Deals: Over 50% off a 49-inch Sony Bravia 4K television Since we started reviewing induction cooktops in 2013, we have spent more than 80 hours finding some of the best cooktops on the market and conducting in-depth research to help you find the cooktop that works best for you.

    We contacted manufacturers, professionals and industry insiders to get informed opinions and gather information that would lend more authority to our recommendations. 5 The GE Profile PHP9030DJBB is one of the best induction cooktops when it comes to cooking performance.

    The four heat elements range between 1,800 and 3,700 watts of power. The power settings go below simmer for melting butter, and the upper settings are great for searing meat and boiling water. It has safety features including child locks, an alert to let you know a heat element is on, and a heat indicator light for each burner.

    The touch controls let you easily adjust the temperature with simple plus and minus buttons. One of its few omissions is a power boost setting that would provide even more power to decrease cook times. Still, this is a high-functioning induction cooktop with all the features most people need. 1 You have 17 settings to choose from, which gives you plenty of variety and includes settings that prevent food from being over- or undercooked.

    It has standout safety features, such as a control lock to ensure it’s not on when you don’t want it to be, and a pan detector, which will shut off the burner if it detects there is no pan on the burner. Induction cooktops provide faster and more energy-efficient results because they distribute the heat directly to your cookware, instead of to a burner that then heats up your pot or pan. The heating element or burner on an induction cooktop is an electromagnet, and when a magnetic metal such as your cookware is on it, it creates an electric current, which results in heat.

    This allows heat to be directly transferred to the cookware and its contents. Cooktop Power & Precision How Does Induction Cooking Work? After finding some of the best cooktops out there we continued our research, comparing features to determine which are the best for different types of cooking. Our findings are included in our side-by-side comparison chart and our in-depth reviews and will help you find the best cooktop for your needs. 6 A pan size detection feature adjusts the burner to fit your pan.

    1:3 When searching for the right cooktop, there are several things you should consider, such as the size of cooktop you desire, how many burners you need, and even the design and finish of the product. Here are a few additional characteristics that you should not forget when looking for the right induction cooktop for your home. This cooktop has a two-year parts and labor warranty.

    The Bosch’s advanced timer functionality includes a separate timer for each element. When the timer for a specific element is done counting, the cooktop automatically shuts off each element in turn when they are done cooking.

    There is also a setting to keep food warm. The Bosch FlexInduction NITP068UC is an induction cooktop with powerful burners, plenty of space for cooking, several safety features and a feature that helps prevent over- or undercooking food. Best Induction Cooktops of 2019 - Reviews of 30-Inch Stove Tops Most Cooking Power Noel Case 2019-01-28T18:12:00Z Cooktops We evaluated 30-inch induction cooktops that feature four burners and cost between $1,000 to $2,500 (a reasonable price for this technology). They don't feature any type of coil or grate that you have to remove and regularly clean. These units feature glass or ceramic surfaces, and all of the ones on our lineup boast touch controls so you can easily and quickly adjust the temperatures and settings.

    The flat surface means there are no drip pans or coils for food to fall into, which makes it simple to clean. Additionally, because the cooktop itself doesn't heat up, you don't have to spend time every night scraping off burnt food.

  • Wolf CI304C/B Pros & Cons of Induction Cooking 4 Anker PowerCore Amazon Prime Day deal: Save $19 on the fastest portable charger The power range on the cooktop is 1,400 watts to 3,700 watts, which is the widest of any induction cooktop we looked at.

    This lets you cook food the way you want, whether you're simmering vegetables or searing or frying food. There are also 12 temperature settings to allow you to cook with greater precision. This cooktop has a melt feature specifically for melting things like butter and chocolate without overcooking.

    There is not, however, a warming feature to let you warm food without overcooking it. The 11-inch heat element matched the largest that we saw on any induction cooktop. It also has a bridge element, which means you can connect two heat elements into one larger element – ideal for when you use large pieces of cookware such as a griddle.

    Pan detection and control lock functions ensure the heat elements are on only when you need them.

  • GE Profile PHP9030DJBB
  • Fagor IFA80BN Bertazzoni P304IME You can purchase a basic, compact induction cooktop for about $350. The cooktops in that price range have two burners and a maximum of about 1,800 watts.

    The least expensive model in our comparison, the Frigidaire FGIC3066TB, was priced at $729 at the time of this writing. It has four burners and is full-featured with power boost technology and other nice features. It doesn’t have the power of some more expensive models, but it’s still a great option for its price range.

    If you want all the power and features an induction cooktop can provide, you’ll usually spend well over $1,000

    . Cooktop Layout The range of power is not very wide. It has great safety features and is extremely easy to use.

    0:4 However, if you are determined to use stainless steel cookware with your induction cooktop, remember that not all stainless steel is created the same. Some works better than others on an induction cooktop. It is important to use the magnet test before making any purchases to ensure the cookware will work.

    75% Large Burner to Small Burner Ratio It turns off automatically if it senses there is no pan present.

  • Whirlpool GCI3061XB GE Profile PHP9030DJBB 7. 3 Frigidaire FGIC3067MB Pan Sizing
  • Frigidaire FGIC3067MB 3/5 Each burner has separate timers and will shut off automatically at a set time.

    Telephone 5 Prime Day Fire Deals: Amazing deals on Fire TV Sticks and Fire Tablets It has 17 temperature settings to choose from, including a setting that prevents over- or undercooking. 5 However, on some induction cooktops, elements are paired together and share an induction generator.

    This means that neither burner in the pair can use the maximum amount of power. If one burner is using a high amount of power, the other element can only use the remaining amount. Cooktops that feature four induction generators scored higher in this area than those with only two.

    How We Researched Induction Cooktops The warranty period is just average. Power Boost It has the widest power range of any in our lineup, along with 12 temperature settings for precise cooking. 2 Best Amazon Prime Day deals 2019: save up to 70% – today only! 5.

    5 95% The power ranges from 1,400 to 3,150 watts. By contrast, the most powerful cooktops in our lineup have an upper range of about 3,700 watts. The Wolf still gives you enough power for most of your cooking needs.

    It also has nice safety features like a control lock and visual alerts to let you know if a burner is on. This cooktop has one of the best warranties of the cooktops in our lineup, with parts and labor coverage for two years. Most of the cooktops, even the higher priced ones, only have one-year warranties.

    Whirlpool GCI3061XB Hot Surface Indicator 70%

  • Kenmore 43809 Multi-Burner Timer 85% Even though little excess heat and hot air escapes from induction cooktops, odors, smoke and grease are still present, resulting in the need for a ventilation system. Range hoods, ventilation hoods and exhaust fans are all options. Few induction cooktops provide any type of ventilation system built into the device, so you will have to purchase a ventilation system separately.

    Related Product Reviews It has several safety features, such as a control lock and pan detection. Read the full review Easiest to Use It’s the only cooktop in our lineup to offer two color options. The KitchenAid cooktop has touch controls to easily adjust settings.

    It has safety features to prevent fires and other accidents. The control lock prevents it from being turned on accidentally. You can disable all controls when the cooktop is powered on.

    But when it's powered off, the control pad does not work. If a burner is kept on after a pan has been removed, it gives you a one-minute warning and then signs off. An H lights up on the cooktop to let you know when the surface is hot even if you are done cooking and the burners are turned off.

    KitchenAid also has excellent customer support. Induction cooktops require special cookware.

    To use this advanced technology, you must be able to create an electronic current for the cooking vessel to heat up. Induction cooktops only work with cookware made with magnetic materials, such as stainless steel or cast iron

    . To ensure your cookware works on the cooktop, you can perform a magnet test.

    If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your cooking vessel, it's most likely to work well with your induction cooktop. If a magnet does not stick, you may need to invest in new cookware made from different material in order to use the cooktop. 4

  • Bertazzoni P304IME Online Manual Its parts and labor warranty is just average. Fagor IFA80BN The size of the burners are just average.

  • KitchenAid KICU509XSS Pan Detection We have been reviewing induction cooktops since 2013. In that time, we have spent more than 80 hours researching them to find the best induction cooktops on the market. We dissected the feature package of each cooktop for our side-by-side comparison chart.

    The best induction cooktop we found was the Bosch FlexInduction NITP068UC. The Bosch induction cooktop has 17 temperature settings and a lot of cooking power. This cooktop has a great feature package and more burner space than most cooktops, allowing you to cook a wide variety of foods.

    3:1 Cooktop Power What Else Is Important? Most induction cooktops drop right into your countertop. Aside from the product dimensions, you should also take a look at the cutout dimensions to ensure you have the right cutout space for it to fit properly. Induction cooktops' energy source is electricity, and if you are installing a new induction cooktop in your home, you may need the guidance of a professional electrician to ensure the electrical circuit can handle the power of the product.

    In contrast to other cooktops, which typically have one big and three small burners, this cooktop has three large and one small. The burners range in size from 6 inches to 11 inches in diameter. The 11-inch burner is one of the largest heat elements we saw on this type of device.

    The design of the heat elements increases this cooktop's capabilities

    . Two of the circular heat elements combine with a rectangular element bridge to create a space for a griddle. 80% Do I Need New Pots and Pans? The KitchenAid KICU509XSS has outstanding performance, cooking and safety features.

    This cooktop has four individual heat elements ranging from 6 to 11 inches in diameter. KitchenAid KICU509XSS has burners with the widest range of cooking watt power to cook a wide variety of food with precision. It comes in two color options and all the essential safety features.

    This is a great choice for a big family. The Frigidaire FGIC3067MB has a simple, easy-to-use interface, dedicated controls for each burner, excellent cooking capabilities and an advanced feature set at a reasonable price. It is the best value of any cooktop we looked at.

    The Wolf CI304 C/B is an induction cooktop with a lot of nice features like a control-lock option, power boost capabilities, a bridge element and indicator lights to alert you to a hot surface. However, the cooking capabilities are only average. 60%

  • Bosch NITP068UC Control Lock A touch display lock will ensure no heat elements are turned on without your knowledge.

    However, this feature is only available when the cooktop is turned off. The pan detection ensures that if a pan is not made from the right material, positioned correctly or the right size, the heating element automatically turns itself off within three minutes. This is an excellent feature that prevents the heat element from being left on without your knowledge.

    Kenmore 43809 50% However, one drawback to this cooktop technology is that these products are known to be much louder than electric or gas stovetops. They can make a loud hum due to the magnetic currents, and the frequency of the sound varies depending on several factors, including the setting and the material and quality of the cookware you use. Power-Sharing Zones The control pad does not work when the cooktop is off.

    Induction cooktops are just as powerful as any gas or electric cooktop. Most cooktops range in power from 1,400 watts to 3,700 watts of power. Furthermore, some of the best cooktops offer a power-boost feature


    With this feature, the heating element provides maximum power to heat up your dish, whether it is boiling water or searing food, to provide the fastest and most powerful results. Products with this feature ranked higher on our lineup than those that did not.